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John 9:1-7-25


*** Of all the miracles of the bible the one that God perpetuates over and over again is the miracle of healing the blind eye!

*** The bible tells us as is the natural so is the spiritual.

*** No vision; people perish! Prov. 29:18

*** You have to have foresight to survive.

*** Anticipate in order to make the proper adjustments for survival.

*** It’s not just going ahead no matter what; sometimes you being able to see will tell you when to stop.

*** I don’t want to ride with someone who can’t see!

*** Loss of sight affects the economy, church, business, your house etc.

*** You can’t make great decisions with poor information.

*** This particular man did not loose his vision, he had never had vision.

***To someone who has lost their vision they are comforted by the memories of vision.

***Memory can comfort you in blindness, but what do you do if you have NEVER seen?

*** That is what happens when we minister to people who are blind to the gospel.

*** They have no image in their mind, they don’t understand us.

*** You go to work on Mon. morn and try to tell about what happened in Sunday service!

2 Cor 4:3

3 But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: (KJV)

*** This man is trying to build a system around his limitations.

*** We are all limited in some way! And we build around our limitations.

*** His system worked until...Jesus was passing by…

*** Pay attention to that! It means you don’t have long to make a move!

*** You can’t deliberate forever, scared, indecisive…

*** When God opens up a door you got to move fast.


*** It said he saw a man which was blind…

*** He saw a man who could not see Him.

*** And they said who sinned?....

*** Have you ever been in a situation where people were talking about you? And you might be blind but you were not deaf?

*** It’s one of the ways Satan tortures you, it’s not really the storm you were in but what people were saying about you!

*** Who sinned? Does it matter? Would that have healed him?

*** Some things are pointless because they do not produce a change. Worry, Fear, etc.

*** Neither…but for the glory of God.

*** God is going to be glorified by this man’s limitations.

*** He is some age, he has been blind a long time, he was born blind never knowing he would see, but God knew when he created him that He was going to heal him at a particular time!

*** They said he will never see!

*** Don’t hang around people who say you will never do something.

*** They are cursing you, speaking to your destiny limiting you!

*** He died to break the curse that was over your life!

*** Lord do something for which I have no point of reference! Something that no one thought would ever happen in my life!

Do something with witch I have built a system to accommodate, something radical, something new, something important., I’m tired of seeing the same old thing!

***I don’t know what to tell you to do, or how to do it, who you are going to use, what you are going to shake to do it, or break to do it, but at this stage in my life, I have gone as far as I can go in the situation I am in…

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