3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: To let the saints know that you shall overcome, because God is able!

Scripture: 1John 4:4

Topic: Something on the inside!

“But ye’ are of God little children, and have overcome them, because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world”


It was something about this author who wrote both the gospel of John and these epistles, that he knows how to touch that which is inside of us. It is the way in which he deals this text out, that seemingly without trying he would tap into the supernatural. It is in some situations that we get this inner feeling, or urge that something is going on. Mother’s always can tell what’s wrong with their children, because it is not that which is spoken, but that which transcends the realm of the metaphysical. Wives can detect a husband’s unfaithfulness, because of her woman’s intuition, but nonetheless I recite to you that it is something on the inside. It was something on the inside that allowed us to be locked down by chains, hands and foot, and sold like cheap pieces of clothing, but yet we still knew God was able. Barking dogs and bombed churches, we never lost our head, but it was something on the inside that kept us sain. In the midst of Martin and Malcolm being slain, we were still able to say over my head I hear music in the air, there must be a God somewhere. It was only because we understood that which operated within, and that which hindered our flesh. Even when they set us free we went on as business as usual, because we knew that if God did for the Israelites he would do it for us.

I dare not leave in a societal land bask, and so I now will try to bring it spiritual, and show you how this thing operates in the realm of the spirit. It was the authors uncaning ability to bring everything out of the natural and place it in the supernatural. This text talks about the testing of spirits. It talks about how after dealing with different demonic spirits you overcame them. Let me see if I can be more didactic as I try showing you this thing. He understood long before you came along that yes you may try drugs, and they may control you for a moment, but he realized that by and by your spiritual seed would take root and begin to sprout. Thus outgrowing your worldly lusts. Let me se if I can come up for air before I get too deep. He understood that there was something in you that supersedes the desires of the world. That’s what the Bible declares “train up a child in the way he should go.” In a sense you have a spiritual seed in you and at any moment that seed will begin to grow. I see after reading the Bible why many of these authors were so great. It was because they did not look their situation and acted upon their revelation. Let me see if I can find you. They understood that it was something far greater than what I can see in the logical realm of the natural, and operated totally in the anointing God gave them in the supernatural. That’s why the Bible in its entirety is so emotionally touching. Because they understood that no matter what comes against me there is something on the inside. I understand that Paul wrote in Ephesians that we must wear the whole Armour. But Paul wrote that because he understood that I must have enough in me to trust that this Armour is truly sufficient enough. And so now we greater understand that the author was just summing up what had been stated numerous times. And that is that there is an outside inside force that controls and fights against unclean spirits. And just like in our physical bodies life is won or lost by the ability of the inside to withstand the attack of the enemy on the flesh. Just like Bin Laden, they understood that they must attack the material side of America which is the physical, but they failed to realize that there was something on the inside of this country, that was greater than anything he could do. And as proof of what God can do, look at us still here. In contrast the devil tries everything he can to tear us apart, but there is something inside of me. I can’t explain what it is; maybe that’s why Paul declares that is joy unspeakable joy. But whatever it is, it is something on the inside working on the outside and it is bringing about a changing in my life.

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