Summary: Please, hit me, slap my face: I deserve it! I am abnormal I think, and I should consult a physician or a good psychologist, because: - Women only attract me, - I married one, - I become father, naturally, without any clone or genetic stuff aid, -

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Something strange happens to me: I like women

I would like to apologize: please, forgive my wrong behavior. I should be ashamed and I must to confess: I like women and I am in love with one. In fact, I even marry her. I know, I do the wrong, I am an old-fashioned person and I deserve to be under your sharp criticism.

What is worse, in my ignorance and against this society’s homosexual obsession, I enjoy her company. I love the way she talks with me, I feel real pleasure in touching her, and I am thrilled by her eyes. In my “madness”, totally against the modern rules, I sleep with her only, night after night. And not a single time I thought that kissing a man on the lips would be cool.

Please, hit me, slap my face: I deserve it! I am abnormal I think, and I should consult a physician or a good psychologist, because:

- Women only attract me,

- I married one,

- I become father, naturally, without any clone or genetic stuff aid,

- I still believe in Christian family values that made this country the great country on the world…

Hello, wake up! What is the matter with you, family-wives, husbands, and singles shopping around for a future happy family? I mean you are A and B Christians, explaining our children why the potassium and sodium balance is so important for human homeostasis in order to convince them to give up drinking Coke. But in the same time, we failed to stop the cancer which is the erosion of family values in today’s America society.

I’m wonder how "homosexual/lesbien Christians" (what a name!)reading the Bible, jump over Romans 1:18-32 and other similar Scripture clear message..."Boring stuff belonging to an old and obsolete culture"! they said. And we say nothing.

Homosexuals and lesbians are now speaking very loud demanding everything they want: special protection, specials rights, legal families and benefits, kids in their custody. And their number increase rapidly, from less than 0.5 % in 1970 to millions right now, an important segment of the US population, according to a Gallup poll. And this segment it will influence the elections much more that the Communism ghost did it in the past.

- The first blow came on June 10, 2003 when three imperious judges on the Canadian Supreme Court declared the exclusivity of marriage between one man and one woman to be unconstitutional.

- On July 28, the New York Board of Education announced the creation of a gay-oriented high school in New York City, because, in the words of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, “. . . everybody feels that it’s a good idea.” Everybody? This was your idea too? If not, you need to say it.

- On August 4, the United Nations began considering a proposal that would support “same-sex marriage” in countries around the world. Exporting freedom it is one think but exporting gay issue is disastrous. Should be any wonder if the Muslim world see us as the great Satan.

- On August 5, the United Episcopal Church ordained its first gay bishop. He divorced of his wife, abandoned his kids, and for this he was punished, I mean promoted as the leader of a large and rich Christian church.

- On November 15, Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled on a gay marriage case brought forth by seven same-sex couples who tried to obtain marriage licenses in that state. Now we don’t know what FAMILY means, or how much the America of twenty years from now it will pay for this madness.

This sustaining attack against family came from three different directions: courts, liberal churches and media. For example, Bravo’s new makeover show, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” features a team of five gay men who promise to “transform a style-deficient and culture-deprived straight man from drab to fab.” ABC will roll out its own gay sitcom on network television called, “It’s All Relative.” All relative? Morality, religion, love, education, Bible principles?

But astonishing truth is this: most gays and lesbians do not want to marry each other. This would entangle them in all sorts of legal constraints. Who needs a lifetime commitment to one person? Boring. The intention here is to destroy marriage altogether. With marriage as we know, being gone, everyone would enjoy all the legal benefits of marriage (custody rights, tax-free inheritance, joint ownership of property, health care and spousal citizenship, etc.,) without limiting the number of partners or their gender.

Or perhaps legal marriage between a human and an animal… Love is blind, isn’t it? What we will do if somebody falls in love with his cat or horse? To avoid the sin of adultery, we will all advice the lovers to marry! “And now, I will pronounce you husband and whatever… “ Romeo and Juliet the Kitty Cat…

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