Summary: This message focuses on how we allow temporary "sometimes moments" to overshadow our blessings.

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Scriptures: James 1:2-5; 23


The title of my message this morning is “Sometimes.” This message came to me as I was actually meditating on another message in my series on the names of God. Let me give you a little background.

Sometimes things are going extremely well in our lives and sometimes they are not. Sometimes we are very happy and sometimes we are not. Sometimes we find it easy to praise God and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we have peace within our spirits and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we feel financially secure and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we want to be around a group of people and sometimes we wish to be left alone. The word connecting all of these situations is “sometimes.” The message that I have for you this morning is that “sometimes” means that whatever you are dealing with does not have to be “all the time.” The fact that we experience some things “sometimes” means that there are other times in which we are experiencing something else. The problem that we face is that when we are experiencing the negative “sometimes” we can get into a mindset that these negative “sometimes” becomes our “all the time” experiences and even when things are going well we are so tied to those “negative sometimes” that we fail to see the blessings that we are experiencing in the present. This also holds true when we adopt the negative “sometimes” as our always reality and we begin to live through those experiences. All of know people who are so negative that it is hard for them to feel positive about anything. It can be so bad that even when you’re feeling good about something in your life their negativity puts a damper on you. Then there are those times when we are the negative ones and we are the ones that are casting that shadow of negativity as we focus on what is wrong in our lives.

This morning I hope that you walk away with the knowledge that our “sometimes” moments do not have to define us and that we can be defined by the inner core of our being that is so locked on Jesus that our sometimes moments do not move us off center. I want to encourage you to understand and accept the fact that even though you’re experiencing these negative “sometimes” moments it also means that there are times in your life when you’re not experiencing them at all. Sometimes mean just that, “sometimes” which is not “all the time.” What we allow the negative sometimes moments to do in our lives is up to us, but we do have a decision to make. Our negative “sometimes” moments do not have to become so prevalent in our lives that it is all we can see and concentrate on. We can choose to make the tough decision, actively deal with a situation we are facing, and in effect move beyond those negative “sometimes” moments. Turn with me to James 1:2-4.

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