Summary: This is the introductory sermon in a series of messages from this book of the Bible that is seldom used in our churches. It gives us better understanding of the messages God wanted us to see.

The Song of Solomon

An Introduction to the Book

Song of Solomon 1:1-4

1 The song of songs, which is Solomon’s.


Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth--

For your love is better than wine.

3Because of the fragrance of your good ointments,

Your name is ointment poured forth;

Therefore the virgins love you.

4Draw me away!


We will run after you.


The king has brought me into his chambers.


We will be glad and rejoice in you.

We will remember your love more than wine.


Rightly do they love you.

No place in the Bible gives us a more beautiful picture

of the sweet relationship that should exist…

between Jesus and His people…

than the Book of the Song of Solomon.

The girl, mentioned here, was a Shulamite girl.

She was very poor.

She was raised in a shepherd’s family.

She was engaged to a young shepherd in the hills.

She was looking forward to getting married to him,

and they were very deeply in love with each other.

Solomon was king at this time.

He was adding women to his harem.

1 Kings 11:3 And he had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines;

When King Solomon saw the Shulamite girl,

he wanted her.

Solomon was obsessed by her beauty.

He wanted to bring her to his palace to love him.

BUT…She refused all of his offers.

- He offered her money,

but she was faithful to her shepherd boy in the hills.

- He offered her part of his throne,

but she was faithful to the young man she loved so dearly.

- He offered her things that would make any other girl happy,

but all she wanted was her shepherd boy.

This is the first in a series of messages on Song of Solomon.

Tonight, let’s examine the overall structure of the book.

Point #1.

The title of the Book. - Song of Solomon

Song 1:1

The song of songs, which is Solomon’s.

The title is taken from verse 1.

This “song of songs” was a special song…

written for and concerning King Solomon.

The original Hebrew words are, "Sheer Hasheereem,"

which means, "The Most Beautiful Song."

"Sheer Hasheereem" is a Hebrew phrase

The same wording is seen in other places in the Bible:

* Holy of holies (Exodus 26:33).

* King of kings (Ezekiel 26:7).

* God of gods and Lord of lords (Deuteronomy 10:17).

* Hebrew of the Hebrews (Philippians 3:5).

* The Heaven of heavens (1 Kings 8:27).

There are 7 speakers who tell the story:

1. The Shulamite girl.

2. The daughters of Jerusalem (Solomon’s harem).

3. King Solomon.

4. The betrothed shepherd boy of the Shulamite.

5. The brothers of the Shulamite girl.

6. The companions of the shepherd.

7. The inhabitants of Jerusalem.

Point #2.

The story. - Song of Solomon

Song 8:8-14


We have a little sister,

And she has no breasts.

What shall we do for our sister

In the day when she is spoken for?

9 If she is a wall,

We will build upon her

A battlement of silver;

And if she is a door,

We will enclose her

With boards of cedar.


I am a wall,

And my breasts like towers;

Then I became in his eyes

As one who found peace.

11 Solomon had a vineyard at Baal Hamon;

He leased the vineyard to keepers;

Everyone was to bring for its fruit

A thousand silver coins.


My own vineyard is before me.

You, O Solomon, may have a thousand,

And those who tend its fruit two hundred.


You who dwell in the gardens,

The companions listen for your voice--Let me hear it!


Make haste, my beloved, And be like a gazelle

Or a young stag On the mountains of spices.

There was a family living at Shunem

consisting of a widowed mother,

several sons, and one daughter.

They made a living by farming and raising livestock.

- The brothers loved their sister very much.

When she was just a young teenage girl…

They were concerned about her sexual purity for marriage.

If she was like a wall standing firm against sexual temptation

They would praise her.

If she was like a door open to immorality…

They would take steps

to prevent her from losing her virginity.

should be greatly rewarded by them.

- One day, while tending the flock,

and, according to the custom of the shepherds,

at noon, she sat down beneath a tree

for shelter against the mid-day heat of the sun.

There she met with the shepherd boy

to whom she became engaged.

This is seen in the following verses:

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