Summary: This is the 13th sermon in a series of messages from this book of the Bible that is seldom used in our churches. It gives us better understanding of the messages God wanted us to see.

The Song of Solomon 13

Song of Solomon 6:1-3


Where has your beloved gone,

O fairest among women?

Where has your beloved turned aside,

That we may seek him with you?


My beloved has gone to his garden,

To the beds of spices,

To feed his flock in the gardens,

And to gather lilies.

3I am my beloved’s,

And my beloved is mine.

He feeds his flock among the lilies.

The Shulamite has done a wonderful job…

Telling the women of King Solomon’s harem…

Why she is lovesick for her shepherd boy!

She has captured the attention of each one of the court ladies.

In fact, they became so fascinated by the story,

they asked a question of the Shulamite girl in Song 5:9,

Song 5:9


What is your beloved more than another beloved,

O fairest among women?

What is your beloved more than another beloved, That you so charge us?

In other words, what makes your shepherd so special?

Her personal witness of her betrothed shepherd

drew the others to him.

The Shulamite answered their question in Song 5:10-16.

This was her opportunity to tell the others

about the one whom she loves!

In a previous talk, the shepherd told her…

what he admired about her.

He mentioned:

* Her eyes.

* Her hair.

* Her teeth.

* Her lips.

* Her speech.

* Her temples.

* Her neck.

* Her bosom.

It was her turn now to describe him to the court women.

So, she described him to them in Song 5:10-16.

She mentioned:

* His complexion.

* His head.

* His hair.

* His eyes.

* His cheeks.

* His lips.

* His hands and nails.

* His legs.

* His countenance.

* His mouth.

* His loyalty and friendship.

She loves everything about him as well.

Was he perfect?

To her, he was.

She thought he was very handsome,

very strong,

and very kind to her.

She knew he was a one-woman man,

because he had "doves’ eyes" as well.

He said the same thing about her in chapter 4:1,

Song 4:1


Behold, you are fair, my love!

Behold, you are fair!

You have dove’s eyes behind your veil.

In Song 5:16, she said, "...he is altogether lovely."

This phrase is only found here in the Song of Solomon.

It means he is "passionately cherished and desired" by her.

This brings us up-to-date for tonight.

After giving such a sweet and emotional description of her beloved

the court ladies speak to the Shulamite girl.

1. The question of the court ladies.


Where has your beloved gone, O fairest among women?

Where has your beloved turned aside, That we may seek him with you?

As I said before, the Shulamite girl

Has succeeded in describing her beloved.

The harem women are now interested in knowing more about him.

This reminds me of another story in the Bible.

In Acts 16….Paul and Silas had been imprisoned

for preaching in the name of Jesus.

Now…what did they do while they sat in jail?

Did they pout or bellyached about their circumstances?

NO! They prayed and sang throughout the evening hours.

- At midnight, God sent an earthquake!

- The prison broke up down to the foundation.

- All the prisoners were loosed and fled the premises...

- all but Paul and Silas, that is.

- This meant certain death for the guards.

- But Acts 16:25 says the, "...prisoners heard them" singing.

- There’s a gospel song that goes like this:

Their chains were fastened tight

Down at the jail that night.

Still Paul and Silas would not be dismayed.

They said, "It’s time to lift our voice, sing praises to the Lord,

Let’s prove that we will trust Him come what may."

God wants to hear you sing

When the waves are crashing ’round you,

When the fiery darts surround you,

When despair is all you see.

God wants to hear your voice

When the wisest man has spoken,

And says, "Your circumstance is as hopeless as can be."

That’s when God wants to hear you sing

He loves to hear our praise on our cheerful days,

When the pleasant times outweigh the bad by far.

But when suffering comes along,

And we still sing Him songs,

That is when we bless the Father’s heart.

- Paul and Silas’ witness through prayer and singing.

- It made a difference in the life of at least 1 of the guards.

His response is recorded in Acts 16:30-31 where he asked, "...Sirs, what must I do to be saved? And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.

FRIENDS…our witness of Jesus ought to cause those,

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