Summary: This is the sixth sermon in a series of messages from this book of the Bible that is seldom used in our churches. It gives us better understanding of the messages God wanted us to see.

The Song of Solomon 06

Song of Solomon 2:8-17


The voice of my beloved! Behold, he comes

Leaping upon the mountains, Skipping upon the hills.

9My beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag.

Behold, he stands behind our wall;

He is looking through the windows, Gazing through the lattice.

10My beloved spoke, and said to me:

"Rise up, my love, my fair one, And come away.

11 For lo, the winter is past, The rain is over and gone.

12The flowers appear on the earth;

The time of singing has come,

And the voice of the turtledove Is heard in our land.

13The fig tree puts forth her green figs,

And the vines with the tender grapes give a good smell.

Rise up, my love, my fair one, And come away!

14"O my dove, in the clefts of the rock,

In the secret places of the cliff,

Let me see your face, Let me hear your voice;

For your voice is sweet, And your face is lovely."


Catch us the foxes, The little foxes that spoil the vines,

For our vines have tender grapes.


My beloved is mine, and I am his.

He feeds his flock among the lilies.


Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away,

Turn, my beloved, and be like a gazelle or a young stag

Upon the mountains of Bether

This evening I want to talk about 3 important things

that help make a healthy relationship.

Now, I realize that most of us have been married a long time!

Some of what I’m going to say may sound silly!

It may sound “unnecessary”!

That’s how it will sound if you want a marriage that is comfortable

But if you want a marriage with more passion and excitement…

Then what you are about to hear won’t sound silly!

Point #1

The First Important Factor that Makes Up A Healthy Relationship is – Excitement

(v. 8-10)

A. The Shulamite is very excited to see the shepherd boy.

Verse 8 – " The voice of my beloved!

Behold, he comes

1. This girl is eager to see her lover.

-She is listening.

THOUGHT: In a healthy relationship couples need to listen.

I know I’m guilty on this one!

Sometimes I hear what Pat is saying!

But I’m not really paying close attention!

There’s a difference between HEARING and LISTENING!

2. She’s not only listening, but she is looking for him!

She is longing for her lover to come to her.

She is keeping her eye out for him.


This is where her whole focus is on.

It’s on him.

It’s like the father in the story of the prodigal son.

The father is looking for the return of his son!

He sees him off in the distance!

(He sees him in the distance, longing for him to return).

Then he runs out to meet him.

B. Let’s look at the shepherd boy – v. 8 –

"Leaping upon the mountains."

1. This man is excited to see his woman.


This journey to see the girl he loves may be long and tiring!

He has to climb mountains!

He has to cross hills and valleys!

But is he complaing?

NO! He’s leaping for joy!

WHY? Because of his excitement to see his lover.

2. Ask a question:

Men: Are you so excited at the thought of seeing your wife…

that your hard work each day doesn’t matter…

because you are eager to get home to see her?

Ladies: Are you watching and listening,

longing to see your husband walk through the door?

3. Guys, take a look at the Shulamite’s perception of her shepherd

He was like a gazelle or a young stag.

-These animals suggest sexual virility.

-In other words, her perception of him was "he’s a hunk!"


So the first factor in a healthy relationship is excitement.

Point #2

The Second Factor In a Healthy Relationship Is – Does Your Relationship Produce Life– V. 10-14

A. The shepherd wants to take her out on a walk –

the winter is past,

the rains are over and gone.

Flowers are here.

The season of singing has come.

1. Spring is here – life is abounding everywhere.

-Just as springtime is a representation of life,

so too, should our relationship in marriage produce life.

I’m not speaking about having children,

even though that is a part of marriage if the couple so desires.

2. I’m speaking about life coming into a marriage.

-God has designed only certain things to bloom in marriage.

When you try to grow these flowers outside of marriage,

you only have grown weeds.


How many times have you seen singles begin to date.

One was spiritual and godly and the other one was not.

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