Summary: A sermon on how God heals the painful "holes" in our lives.

We are getting ready to embark on a journey

That will:






Be deep


My kids and I watched a movie a couple years ago entitled "Holes"

These young boys / for some crime / were sent to a reform boys camp

To dig holes in the middle of the desert

As the evil warden watches over them

The interesting twist is that this now desert used to be a beautiful wetland and lake

Where great fruit and vegetables gardens were grown

But something evil happens and the fruitful place becomes a desert full of holes!

- There are events that happen in some of our pasts that create holes in our soul.

- Which prevent us from holding the blessings God has

- Psalms 147 is very interesting to note all the huge miracles God does:

o He determines the number of stars and calls them by name

o He covers the sky with clouds

o He supplies the earth with rain

o He makes the grass grow for the cattle

o He spreads the snow like wool

o He scatters the frost like ashes

o He hurls down the hail like pebbles

- Yet, in the midst of all these great, powerful exploits of nature...

- The first thing we see Him do...

- Vs 3 - Heals the brokenhearted and binds up their


-binds = To wrap firmly

To govern or rule

To pack of fill

-wound = Sorrow



-Hole = A hollow place in a solid body

-The anatomy of the soul

-The assault of the soul

-The atonement of the soul

1. The Anatomy of the Soul

-Anatomy = structure / Examination / Soul / Emotions / Psyche / Moods / Appetites

-Many wonder why they’ve been saved many years and still have a hard time.

-Producing fruit - Galatians 5

1. Love

2. Joy

3. Peace

4. Patience

5. Kindness

6. Goodness

7. Faithfulness

8. Gentleness

9. Self-control

-The bucket we are trying to water with

-Has holes in it.

-Many fail to realize how close knit our whole person is.

-God said...Let us make man in our image


-Father / Son / Holy Spirit

-Body / Mind / Soul >>>>> Explain


"Love the Lord your God will all your heart and with all your soul and will all your strength."


"Jesus replied, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."

-When the Spirit is born again we go to heaven

-But until then, my soul needs healing

2. The Assault of the Soul

-Before salvation we get involved in things with the body that affects our soul

-Sometimes it’s what others do

-Few people realize how much the events of our past affect...

-...and sometimes control...

-our present

-We are at an altar being prayed for

-Get blessed

-But can’t contain it

-Because we’ve not yet allowed God to bind

up and fill up the holes

-...all your blessings

-slowly seep out the holes

-leaving you dry / unable to produce fruit

-Holes...cause you to live with:

„X Fear

„X Doubt

„X Anxiety

„X Depression

„X Anger

„X Cynicism

„X Low Self Esteem

„X Shame

„X Poverty Mind Set

-Its hard for us to retain God’s blessing

-when we have a soul with holes

EXAMPLE: buckets with holes

ILLUSTRATE: Can’t retain God’s Word / blessings, etc.

Trying to water a dying plant

-These holes become the devil’s foothold

-Holes are the entry points of pain...The Devil’s foothold.

„X Neglect

„X Abandonment

„X Abuse

„X Rejection

„X Mistreatment

-All these assault a person’s soul

EXAMPLE: Fingernail

I have a deformed fingernail

Because when I was little I smashed it

Now, it grows funny

-This is a physical example of an emotional issue

-Emotional injuries can’t be clipped off

-They must be resolved and healed

-Whenever you are emotionally deprived in any way you experience social injury.

-Particularly when you’re young

„X Lost a parent

„X Death or divorce

„X Parents sent you away

-Physical / verbal / sexual abuse

-Over controlling / protective ... sends a message: you’re not smart enough

-Remember Mephibosheth should have been living in the palace

-But was too full of shame (Mephibo = shameful one)

-and stayed in Lodebar (Lodebar = no communication)

-Someone he trusted dropped him

-The pain from these issues

-are what form...

...the holes in our soul

-Wherever there is a hole...

...something drained out

EXAMPLE 1: A. Overbearing, controlling parent

B. Fights authority

C. Drain -Can’t think for self

-Go wild, no restraint when by self

-Because never built their own boundaries and beliefs

-People try to fill these holes

-with things that usually make the holes bigger

EXAMPLE: Hole...never good enough

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