Summary: Soul Winning is a God-given responsibility not to be neglected by believers.

Soul winners are the least appreciated people

among the winners of today. They are the

unpopular winners the world cannot afford to give


Every true Christian knows the value of soul

winner’s presence in the midst of lost and dying

people. It’s a sad thing but true that soul

winning is not much appealing any more to many

professing believers.

Saved people of our time must show true

compassion to the lost. It’s high time to be

"on Fire" spiritually and not be led by the

vanishing appeal of soul winning.

The biblical qualification of a soul winner

as seen in Philip’s life:

(I) Sensitivity To Divine Calling

-willing to be led by divine direction


*obedient to God’s calling

*Spirit led

(II) Man Of Wisdom

The grace of wisdom to:

-approach the lost vs30,31

-explain the Scriptures vs32-34

-present Jesus as the only Savior

of the world v35

-stir up others to have a clear identity

(through baptism) v36

-check clear belief vs37,38

(III) Consistent Spiritual Life

-good testimony Acts 6:3-5

-vessel of Truth Acts 8:39,40

Acts 8:5

-minister of God’s Grace

Acts 6:3 Acts 8:6,7 Acts 8:12,13

Consecrate your life to the Lord and be a

soul winner for God’s glory.

Soul Winner

In the deep of night,

Souls weeping for light,

If the world can’t give,

Who can afford to give?

Oh, what a spark!

A light in the dark,

Kneeling down with tears,

Evil forces trembling with fears.

Speak the Word,

For Faith overcomes the world.

Carry the light,

And lead sinners to the true Light.

Keep on shining through the night,

The Lord may come at twilight.

Jose B. Cabajar

Copyright ©2003 Jose B. Cabajar

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