Summary: We underestimate its power. It can change the outcome and the atmosphere. It can determine victory. What sound is your life producing?


Pt. 5 – Sound Warfare

If you have been here the last 3 weeks then you are surely becoming convinced that there is power in sound. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that is probably true. However, as powerful as sight is sound rivals its impact. You simply change the sound and the feeling, impact, results change!

I stated that our problem is that our world has learned to harness the power of sound more effectively than the children of God. So I have been trying my best to teach you some principles and truths about sound.

Week 1: Sound precedes victory. Your situation will line up with your sound. Silence is for a season. You can't accept silence as a substitute for sound.

Week 2: Sound must not be tied to your sight. Otherwise on your good day you will have sound but in the midnight hour you will be silent and defeated. Your sound must seep. Your sound isn't really for you. It as we hear from each other that we find strength!

Week 3: Sound draws people. If no one is being drawn to us they won't be drawn to God. I challenged you and asked, "Is the sound of your life drawing anyone?" Then I challenged you that the sound components that caused the greatest revival man has ever seen are the same components we need today. The sound of praise marked by the sound of Pentecost! It is Spirit breathed, empowered praise that will draw people to us and ultimately to God!

Week 4: You will face Sound Barriers. There will be people around Jesus that will try to stop or stifle your praise. You can not allow those that don't understand your pain dictate your praise! So you must have a persistent sound! A sound that will push past every obstacle until you stop Jesus with your sound.

So today let's keep going and wrap this thing up by talking about Sound Warfare!

There are at least 3 (perhaps more) instances in which sound became a crucial aspect of warfare in Scripture. In 1 Samuel 7, the prophet Samuel calls the people of Israel to cry out to God and in response God thunders over the Philistines and disrupts and disturbs them so badly that the Israelites destroy them in battle. In 2 Samuel 5, David is instructed to wait until he hears the sound of marching in the tops of the Mulberry Trees before he attacks the Philistines. However, it is the 3rd account that I want to focus in on this morning. The reason I want to focus on this account is because in account 1 and 2 we learn that God has a sound. We have no problem understanding, believing, and accepting that God's sound has power. I mean He is like . . . God! He should have powerful sound. But it is in the 3rd account that we discover some important things about our sound!

Text: Judges 7:16-22

Dividing the three hundred men into three companies, he placed trumpets and empty jars in the hands of all of them, with torches inside. “Watch me,” he told them. “Follow my lead. When I get to the edge of the camp, do exactly as I do. When I and all who are with me blow our trumpets, then from all around the camp blow yours and shout, ‘For the Lord and for Gideon.’” Gideon and the hundred men with him reached the edge of the camp at the beginning of the middle watch, just after they had changed the guard. They blew their trumpets and broke the jars that were in their hands. The three companies blew the trumpets and smashed the jars. Grasping the torches in their left hands and holding in their right hands the trumpets they were to blow, they shouted, “A sword for the Lord and for Gideon!” While each man held his position around the camp, all the Midianites ran, crying out as they fled. When the three hundred trumpets sounded, the Lord caused the men throughout the camp to turn on each other with their swords.

a. You need to model sound.

Gideon modeled the sound. His instructions to some untrained soldiers was, "Do what I do. When you hear me shout you shout. He even told them what to shout!" You can model for others, by the use of your sound, how to win victory. In other words, if you will release your sound you can teach people around you how to win.

There are some folks around you right now, friends, family members, young folks that have no idea how to fight spiritual battles. You can teach them how to do sound warfare. I am concerned for some of you because you are training those around you with your sound!

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