Summary: There is a right time for sowing and a right time for reaping.

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August 28, 2016

Morning Worship

Text: Genesis 8:22, Luke 5:1-7

Subject: The Seed Principle

Title: Sowing and Reaping at the Right Time

We’ve been talking for a few weeks now about the subject of sowing and reaping… the seed principle. Everything that is or has ever been came into being by this principle. Before God ever created anything there was a seed in His mind as to how it would look and how it would work. The earth, the planets, the solar system, the sun… everything set in its right place and spinning at the right speed and orbiting the sun in the right times…

Before God spoke it into existence it was a seed in His mind. Aren’t you glad that He didn’t stop with just the seed of His thought? He planted the seed and then by His own word harvested the very creation by His word… Eight times in the creation story we see God’s creative seed brought into being by these words, “And God said…”

And everything was perfect! The earth spinning at the right speed so that things didn’t fly off the surface if it were too fast or crushed by the weight of the atmosphere if it were too slow. The earth titled at the right angle so that we have temperatures that sustain life. The earth at the right distance from the sun, the right amount of ozone in the atmosphere to keep harmful rays out but let the life giving rays in… All because God said.

Every one of us here today is the result of seed being planted. Did you have breakfast this morning? It came from seed.

And the whole pattern will continue until everything is destroyed and made new.

Genesis 8:22 (NKJV)

22 "While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, Cold and heat, Winter and summer, And day and night Shall not cease."

I believe this is God’s word…

I believe it is for me…

I accept it as mine…

I will appropriate it to my life today…

We believe that this bible that we hold in our hands is the inspired Word of God and that every bit of it is true, and there are promises in here that are ours to have and receive the benefit of is only we can learn to plant a seed of the word by faith and then proceed by walking in faith until we get to a place where we can harvest. Too many people think that if I sow by faith and make a confession in agreement with God’s word that God will bring in the harvest for us. But that’s where we fall short. God brings the increase but we are responsible to bring in the harvest. I wonder how many souls have been lost because Christians have planted seeds and then waited for others to harvest for them.

The very first thing we have to do in the spiritual principle of sowing and reaping is to make sure that the seed we plant is good seed. In Mark chapter 4 we see the parable of the sower or the parable of the seed. Jesus said that this is the granddaddy of all the parables… if you can’t understand this one, then how can you understand any of them?

Now the emphasis of the parable is the sowing. The sowing is your part. In explaining the parable Jesus said this,

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