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Summary: Just as there are laws of nature that govern the universe, there are also moral and spiritual laws that God has written into His creation.

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Sowing And Reaping

Genesis 8:22 - While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.

God has established some natural principles in His universe that are unbending. Certain things happen with consistency. When Isaac Newton observed an apple falling from a tree, it struck him that an apple never fell upwards. It was always being pulled downward. Thus we had the recognition of the law of gravity.

God has written natural laws into His creation such as the "Laws of Gravity" or the "Laws of Thermodynamics." The fact that someone does not believe in these laws, does not prove that they do not exist or that they do not work.

Just as there are laws of nature that govern the universe, there are also moral and spiritual laws that God has written into His creation. We can try and ignore God’s laws that are given to govern our lives, but we will end up bringing about our ruin if we ignore God's counsel.

Sowing and reaping and giving and receiving are financial laws that will always govern the spiritual world and these laws operate whether we know about them or not.

The Bible teaches us that the earth is going to remain forever. It may undergo a change as it has in the past, but it will remain forever. If we believe this, then we must believe that seedtime and harvest will remain with us forever into eternity. If we do not understand this principle now we will not appropriate it in eternity.

The laws apply to everyone. If a rich farmer and a poor farmer sow the same amount of seed in the same soil they will receive the same size harvest. If a male farmer and a female farmer sow the same amount of seed they will receive the same size harvest.

The laws of sowing and reaping are there for our benefit but we must activate the laws to work in our favor.

Most of the Bible was originally written to people familiar with working the land, managing livestock, and raising crops. Many of Jesus’ parables involved the farming life. Not surprisingly, then, the Bible contains many references to sowing and reaping, and here are some of the principles we learn:

Sowing and reaping is a law of the natural world and the spiritual world and is much more than just an agricultural principle. Sowing and reaping is an important principle imparting wisdom for both this world and the next.

Investment returns in God’s Kingdom

We need to re-evaluate our time, talent, and tithe. Everything we are doing right now is either an investment in spiritual things or in our flesh. Sowing seed into God’s Kingdom is the best investment you can make because the returns cannot be matched anywhere else in the world.

We are encouraged to invest as much as possible in order to receive an abundant harvest.

The investment principles of the world's economy are based on the fundamentals of scarcity and demand but this does not apply to the economy of the Kingdom of God.

In the world, the fundamental driving force of the economy is scarcity, but the economy of the Kingdom of God is based on abundance and availability because there is an abundant source of everything we truly need in life.

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