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Summary: how plugging into God can change your life

Spirit and Power.

Luke 8:40

A story within a story.


If we believe Jesus is who he say’s he is then we should have no problem with miracles.

In Jesus the fullness of God is held.

Colossians 1:19 puts it like this that in Jesus the fullness of God lived,

So when Jesus worked he dripped God.

It oozed out of his pours.

With Midas everything he touched turned to gold

With Jesus everything he touched was healed

Touching Jesus is like plugging into the national grid.

50,000,000 at a safe 240 volts.

All the power of God is harnessed there.

A women with her period.

She was having a period,

In the Jewish religion there were heaps of laws about purity

Lev 15:19-24.

Basically put a women in the dog house for seven days.

No physical contact of any description

In this women’s case she was stuck in a lonely life for the past 12 year.

it was social as well as a physical illness,

She was unclean.

If she came into contact with any one she would render that person unclean for the rest of the day.

A very lonely life, we often think of the lepers as the outcasts but this was equally as bad

And she touches Jesus,

In spite of her fears, the public risk she came under she was desperate enough to reach out to Jesus.

Who Touched me.

If that was the end of the story then we would have a cool miracle story.

But it isn’t because for some reason Jesus wants to know who touched him

In a crowd that size it’s kind of like the kids game were people are blind folded and you have to guess who they are sought of touching.

But somehow Jesus knew that he had been touched.

Whether it was supernatural insight, or a sudden feeling over Jesus of having become unclean we don’t know

But for one small moment that women was plugged into the whole power of God.

A public spectacle Jesus has become unclean.

Not only does Jesus make her well but he actually makes a public spectacle of her healing, to make her clean Jesus becomes unclean.

Jesus becomes unclean so we can be clean.

This is actually what the cross is all about.

Because of our sin in God’s eye’s we are all like this women unclean, unfit to enter into his presence.

But when Christ went to the cross he took all of our dirt upon him

He took our sin upon him so we could become clean. He became a curse so we could be blessed.

A passing acquaintance.

This women was healed, surely there where others in the crowd who need healing.

She didn’t lay hold of Jesus and say bless me but she made the effort.

She wasn’t content with the humiliation of her time of the month

Or the pressure of the crowd, she simply had to get to Jesus.

To tap into God’s national grid.

The whole power of the universe that God held within him.

What made her different was the fact she was more than curious, and she wanted to be more than a passing acquaintance.

Her touching Jesus not only made her physically well, but socially also

She was able to take her place in society again.

When you’re touched by Jesus, her life changed

A question, are you desperate enough to reach out to Jesus?

Are you desperate enough to reach out and feel that same power touching your life, cleansing your life?

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