Summary: Challenges make Champions


Joshua 14: 6-15

“If there were no challenges there would be no champions. Challenges produce champions and battles produce conquerors.” Cami De Almeida

1. A Conqueror holds the vision in his/her heart. v7

•Your heart is the vessel in which God deposits your dream/vision. Gen. 37: 5; Neh. 2: 12

•“No man has conquered until his heart has conquered.” George Barlow

•This is why it is important to guard your heart above all else and keep it pure. Ps. 24: 4; Pro.4: 23

2.A Conqueror follows the Lord whole heartedly. v8-9

•There is no “half hearted” victory.

•God gives us the victory when we follow Him whole heartedly. 2 Sam 22: 30-40

3.A Conqueror understands that conquest is a life long commitment. v10; Josh. 13: 1

4.A Conqueror has the right perspective and attitude of him/herself. v11

•“Your words are the product of your perception and attitudes.” CdeA

5.A Conqueror is determined to lay a hold of his/her possession despite of all the odds against them. v12-14

•Your “dream mountain” may be guarded by a giant. But the bigger the giant the greater the victory.

“All great achievers have faced obstacles: the resistance of hostile nature, the opposition of those who did not share their vision, the limitations of their own bodies.

These men and women met with failures and disappointments, but they did not abandon their dreams. They persevered, despite all obstacles, and savoured a sweeter victory because their triumphs were the fruit of struggle.”

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