Summary: Can a person be saved and not remember it? You might be surprised at the answer.


Text: 2nd Peter 1:5-11


Most of you are familiar with the mental con-

dition called amnesia. A person might be invol-

ved in an accident, perhaps a blow to the head,

and then, for a period of time, not remember a

lot of things, such as who they are, where they

live, what happened to them, etc.

I wonder, is that possible spiritually? Could

a person have a genuine, authentic experience with

Jesus Christ, be truly born-again, and then forget

that experience? Apparently so, that is, accord-

ing to the Apostle Peter. He says that some had

"forgotten that he(they)had been purged from his

(their)old sins."

Let’s consider this spiritual condition of the

soul this morning.

Now, Peter was writing to encourage others to be more

devoted to Jesus. He had already told them that God

had given them all things that pertain to godliness,

and that He had endowed them with many precious

promises, and clothed them in the Divine nature, yet

some seemed to be lacking in true Christian charact-

er. They seemed to have forgotten their conversion

experience, and lost their spiritual perception.

Peter encouraged them to add to their faith certain

qualities that would prevent them from lapsing in

Christian commitment, and giving anyone the impress-

ion that they never had really been saved.

He spoke of the need of virtue, knowledge, temper-

ance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, and

most of all, charity (or God-like love).

If they added these qualities to their lives, then

they would not be deficient in any way in their

spiritual usefulness. Peter spoke of "near-sighted

Christians," who could not see far off, whose

spiritual perception had been dimmed. They had

forgotten who they were. They were not growing.

Our expeience with Jesus ought to be an ever-growing

expeience, becoming more and more like Him each day,

and being filled with the power of God more and

more. Consider-


A person can loose his spiritual perception. He

can become short-sighted and forget his cleansing

from sin, and his commitment to Christ.

Perhaps you know of those who once seemed to love

God, and His church, but now they are nowhere in

sight, living in the flesh, and with seemingly no

spiritual concern whatever.

They need to be shaken back into the reality of

who they are, and what happened to them that day

that they met Jesus.


What is it that creates this state of mental and

spritual confusion in believers?

1. Perhaps it is laziness in the Christian walk.

Not staying close to God. Not fellowshiping

with other believers.

2. Or, maybe it is worldliness that has crept in,

draining them of spiritual strength, and cloud-

ing their understanding, so that they refuse to

hear the voice of God anymore.

3. Or, it could be that a lack of prayer and

Bible study has hindered them so that they are

ill-equipped for a battle with the Devil, and

Satan has a hayday with them, seeking to destory

them, and their Christian witness.

4. Or, perhaps they have gotten sidetracked and

caught up in some cult or splinter group that

has drawn their hearts away from Christ.



It is a disease, and it will destroy a Christian’s

life and witness for the Lord, unless it is cured.

1. It can only be cured by a return to God, and

the things of God-prayer, Bible study, worship,

righteousenss, etc.

2. It can only be cured as the individual re-

discovers the love that God had for them when

He saved them by the blood of Jesus.

When the true doctrine of salvation by grace

unmerited, and undeserved returns to their

hearts, they will find rest for their troubled


It will then develop a hunger for God, and the

things of God within them.

Conclusion-Are you suffering from spritual amnesia?

Invitation-I invite you to return to Christ today,

who can cleanse, forgive, and heal you of this

spiritual malady.

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