Summary: Life is like a ship sailing across the waters of life, sometimes the water is calm, sometimes the water is choppy, sometimes the water is filled with debris, and sometimes the water has hidden rocks.


Life is like a ship sailing across the waters of life.

• Sometimes the water is calm.

• Sometimes the water is choppy.

• Sometimes the water is filled with debris.

• Sometimes the water has hidden rocks.

This morning I would like us to examine verse 1 in chapter 1 of Ephesians and focus on two words found in this verse.

“Spiritual Blessings”

Let us honor the Word of God by standing as we read the passage for this morning’s message “Spiritual Blessings.”


Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ: Ephesians 1:3


What is meant by: "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ."

How do you bless God?

How could our blessings even closely equal to the blessings of God?

What we have to give is; giving God the praise and honor that is do.

When we say blessed be God we are not giving our consent or approval, we are only recognizing his greatness and acknowledging the greatest gift ever given.

The adoption into the family of God.

Paul continues his letter, by recognizing the divine plan of salvation.

Spiritual Blessings

God has blessed us by allowing us to receive all of His “Spiritual Blessings.”

All we need to do is learn how to accept this wonderful gift.

I wonder if we really understand what is meant by all “Spiritual Blessings.”

I wonder if anyone truly understands this profound statement?

In this verse spiritual is being used to relate to anything that is supernatural.

You see these “Spiritual Blessings” are supernatural blessing straight from God.

• Blessings that we cannot purchase.

• Blessings that we cannot work out.

• Blessings that the world cannot give.

• Blessings that the world cannot understand.

• Blessings that the institution called the church cannot give.

As children of God have, we really grasped the greatness of these blessings?

We have received all of God's “Spiritual Blessings,” blessings that only come from God.

Blessings that overwhelm the blessings that this world gives!

“Spiritual Blessings” are given to us from God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We have already received our “Spiritual Blessings” and we are not going to receive it later, or a little at a time.

We have it all right now.

Have you accepted your “Spiritual Blessings?”

Are you enjoying them or have you just accepted them as a gift, which has not been opened?

In the 27 chapter of the book of Acts, we find the story of the apostle Paul and the shipwreck.

This is a good illustration of how we fail to allow the “Spiritual Blessings” of God to work in our lives.

In there Acts 27: 1-44 are seven points that we will cover that bring about “Spiritual Blessings.”

1. Not Focusing on the Physical

They we're so concerned about the storm and saving their cargo, they had neglected to take care of themselves physically.

We get so involved in making a living and having everything that we desire, that we miss the blessing that God has for us.

Sometimes we need to throw the wheat overboard!

Let go of that which will only be consumed by moths and rust.

If we focus on those physical possessions and neglect the spiritual possessions, we miss our “spiritual blessings.”

The first, a Spiritual Blessing is to accept the gift of salvation.

That Spiritual Blessing is called election.

2. Resting Right

They dropped anchors in the midst of the storm and rested.

Sometimes when storms arise in our lives we need to let go, turn to God, seek His face, and allow Him to Minister His “Spiritual Blessings” on us.

The second, Spiritual Blessing is predestination to son-ship, adopted into the family of God.

If we accept God's “Spiritual Blessings”, we can rest in the midst of a storm.

Drop your anchor there are rocks out there!

3. Keep Sailing

They did not give up, but kept on sailing.

When all seems to look like the end is near and there is no hope, remember God has given us all “Spiritual Blessings.”

The third, Spiritual Blessing from God is redemption and forgiveness.

4. Look for the Positive

They set their eyes on a place of safety and set their coarse toward it.

The sandy bank bay on an island.

Keep your eyes focused on Jesus!

With God, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

The fourth, Spiritual Blessing is the riches of grace that he pours out on us.

5. Be Positive

Their attitude change for the positive and realized the there was hope for survival.

Our attitude determines our altitude.

You cannot soar like an eagle with a turkey mind set.

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