Summary: Spiritual Blindness is the inability of a person to understand, perceive, grasp, comprehend spiritual truth.


2 Corinthians 4:3-6

INTRO: Why is it that some people are so opposed to the Gospel? And why is it that some people, whose lifestyle is so unscriptural cannot understand our rejection of their disobedience before almighty God? And how is it that some people can criticize the Word of God as to its origin and authenticity? Well, the answer to those questions is very simple. It is called spiritual blindness. Spiritual blindness is a very dangerous condition for anyone to be in. READ 1 John 2:11. He says that those who are spiritually blind do not know where they are going. They think they know, but they do not.

Spiritual Blindness is the inability of a person to understand, perceive, grasp, comprehend spiritual truth. They may be able to fully understand some facts, many things in life that are true. But a spiritually blind person is incapable of digesting, comprehending, perceiving the true meaning of spiritual truth. Three things in this passage to see:


The one who is blinded is Satan himself. Paul describes him as god (little g) the one who claims to be god of this world (this age), the god of this world system in which we live, religious system, economic system, political system. The system that makes up the life we are a part of. Paul says that Satan has set out to blind the minds of the unbelieving in order that something might not happen. Look at Isaiah 14:12-7 how Satan is described. 2 Corinthians 11:3 Paul describes Satan as a crafty deceiver. V. 14 Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

Satan’s objective is stated in v. 4. He wants to so blind men’s mind so that they will not be able to come to the right conclusion about spiritual things. Notice the words used. See means: “grasp, understand, comprehend the illumination of the Gospel.” Satan’s purpose and objective is to so blind a person’s mind that they can’t grasp it.

What is the truth that Satan wants to hide from man? Look at v. 3. He wants to hide the truth so that they cannot possibly perceive of the fact of being lost. Ask a lost person is they have ever been saved, and they might respond saved from what? There are many people who are sincerely and honestly blinded. They really believe that they are right. Satan blinds people to any sense of need on their part of the Lord.

Secondly, he blinds them to the whole meaning of the cross. The cross, the blood, all of that is meaningless to the unbeliever. They have no earthly idea of how it relates to them. It’s an Easter holiday to them. Satan has blinded them to the real meaning.


First, Satan always launches his attack against Word of God.

1. As To It’s Origin. It is not God-breathed. How could God breathe through some men to give a book. How could the Bible be inspired. This book was written by some men. Once a person begins doubt the origin of the Word of God, they next begin to doubt:

2. The Authenticity Of The Bible. They say, probably it has many mistakes in it. They begin to pick and choose what they want to believe. They then doubt:

3. The Authority Of The Word Of God. After all it was written by men, and full of errors, so how could it be the authority of my life? Next they doubt:

4. The Power Of The Word Of God. When you doubt the origin, authenticity, authority, and power of the Word of God, you are in a dangerous condition.

When a person begins to doubt the Word of God then he becomes the center of his world. He becomes his own authority. He has no room for God to control any part of his life. Spiritual blindness is a dangerous condition. So we live in a society today in which Humanism is a rising religion because Satan has blinded men’s eyes to the Word of God.

If there is no divine authority what is the authority? This is the thing that puts churches in a bad spot. People make decisions in churches and oftentimes say, the majority rules!

That is not what the Bible says!! It says the principles of the Word of God rules!!!

That is the acknowledgment of the authority of the living God over our church. When you have a society or a church that does not accept God as the final authority, you have all kinds of things taking place, and they are well defended, because Satan has blinded their eyes .

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