Summary: Whose words eat like a cancer. Protection from cancer eating words.

Cancer protection

Text: 2 Tim 2:15-17

Here we see the use of gangrene as an illustration for the destruction of faith.

This is a medical allegory.

A parable - cast alongside to compare, like as to give illumination. Rather than gross everyone out with a discussion of gangrene, I will use cancer as a substitute metaphor. Cancer spreads from infected to unaffected areas, and destroys healthy tissue just like gangrene does. So I think it is a suitable replacement metaphor.

Perhaps the major difference between the two is that gangrene actually kills living tissue whereas cancer is not necessarily the death of cells, but the malignant growth of damaged cells.

For example pain’s purpose:

To alert one to an injury

To immobilize and prevent further injury

To demand immediate remedial action to a damaged area.

David’s heart smote him. (The closer you are to God the more pain you will feel when your spirit is hurt. Some are so far they have no idea that they have ever grieved the Holy Spirit!)

Their word eats as a cancer.

Steps necessary for cancer.

1. A carcinogen

2. Access to the victim. Job 1:9,10; Eph 6:16 (How many fiery darts?)

3. Survival in the victim. John 14:30

4. Multiplication within the victim

5. The victim must ignore the warning signs. John 8:37

6. The absence of remedial action. Jer 8:20-22

In this case what does the cancer eat? (Faith)

Faith eating words.

Whose report will you believe

How do you protect from cancer?

1. Have salt in yourself. Mark 9:49-50. No foothold possible the salt will kill the bacteria

2. Know the Word of God. 2 Time 2:15, John 7:17

3. Do the Word of God. James 1:22

4. Build up your immunity. Jude 1:20-25

Close: God is God, whose report will you believe?

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