Summary: Corporate Spiritual Discipline: Worship

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• Worship is not a human invention. Rather, it is a divine offering.

• Worth + ship = worthy of reverence and honor

• When we worship, we declaring God’s worth. (Rev 5: 12-14)

• Worship is an act of honoring God because of His great worthiness to be honored.

C. Why Do We Need To Worship?

1. God commanded it.

• We want to be obedient to God.

2. God is worthy of it. (Rev 4 .11, 5; 11.12 and 7:11, 12)

• He is our Creator and our Lord

3. Worship brings us into His presence.

(Ps 100.4) Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him, bless his name.

• We became aware of His glory and greatness, of His majesty and power.

• We turn our attention from lesser things and focus on that which is ultimate.

4. Worship gives us His perspective on our situation.

• When we are in presence, we understand His power and ability.

5. Worship allows the Holy Spirit to transform our lives according to His purposes.

• Through worship, the Holy Spirit redirects our focus onto God and away from ourselves.

• In worship, the Holy Spirit gives us fresh experiences of God’s love and mercy.

• During worship, the Spirit gives us direction for the future. He can speak to us more clearly because our spirits are more finely tuned to Him.

• In the midst of powerful praise and worship, the Holy Spirit reveals the presence of the enemy and exposes his schemes/devices.

• Through wholehearted worship, the Holy Spirit changes our hearts and leads us into obedient lifestyles.

D. How Can We Develop A Worshiping Spirit?

1. We must have a meaningful relationship with God.

• Authentic worship of God can only be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

- Salvation is the first step in developing a worshipful heart.

- The only access to Father is through Jesus.

2. We must yield to the Holy Spirit.

• Worship of God is the work of the Holy Spirit in the spirit of man.

- When we yielded to the Holy Spirit in our life, worship will be the result.

3. Our thoughts must be centered on God.

• Worship is the natural overflow of a mind filled with God’s Truth.

- When we meditate on the Word, we discover more about Him.

4. We must have an undivided heart.

• God and God alone is the focal point of our worship. (Ps 108.1)

5. We must have repentant heart. (James 4.8; Ps 66.18)

• Public worship is only a manifestation of private worship.

• Worship in the power of God enables the church to be the church.

A. Reflect on the following aspects of worship and examine your own worship life.

(Source: Stormie Omartian’s ‘The Prayer that changes everything’)

Worship is:

1. Not just a song; it’s a way of life. It’s not just for musicians and good singers, it’s for everyone. It’s not just 20 minutes once a week. It’s an ongoing daily attitude that reminds us of His greatness and our dependency upon Him.

2. Coming in contact with the holiness of God by the power of the Holy Spirit and letting the beauty if His holiness rub off on you and make you beautifully holy and wonderfully whole.

3. Surrendering your life to God so that He can be powerful in you and demonstrate His power through you.

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