Summary: Spiritual leadership of pastor in missions is a relevant subject to be considered and to be applied appropriately by all mission-minded Pastors and Missionaries so they could fulfill the Great Commission and meet the contemporary needs of their World Miss

Spiritual leadership of pastor in missions is a relevant subject to be considered and to be applied appropriately by all mission-minded Pastors and Missionaries so they could fulfill the Great Commission and meet the contemporary needs of their World Missions Program. Having a good knowledge of Spiritual Leadership in Missions is a plus. Learning its principles is investing and applying it meticulously is rewarding and God-glorifying.

Studying Leadership in the light of the Scriptures is the best way of gaining a wider scope of knowledge and understanding concerning Christian Ministry. The Lord Jesus Christ should be our example to follow and a strict adherence to the principles of truth will surely pave our way to a remarkable spreading of the Gospel.

As the world becomes more chaotic and hopeless, Christians should not just sit down and do nothing about it. Believers should act responsibly to the needs of the lost and pray to God for more workers to go to the mission field. It should be our prayer also to ask God for spiritual leaders to handle mission works effectively.

We need godly pastors and leaders to educate, motivate, strengthen and lead others to walk by faith and to have the determination to pursue our ultimate goal of reaching lost souls globally. We need spiritual leaders whose eyes have the capacity to perceive the unseen enemies and could see outstanding success beyond the horizon of impossibility. We need selfless leaders who could train others to become future leaders. In short, we need leaders with Christ-like attitude in our Local Churches today. Through Bible principles, we could set up a Bible-based mission program that would greatly demonstrate the power of God.

(I) The Pastors and Mission Leaders We Need Today

I Peter 5:1-4 Philippians 4:11-13

-Leaders who are following the steps of the Chief Shepherd

-Leaders who are sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit

-Leaders who want to glorify Our Heavenly Father

-Leaders who have special love for the Lord and His Word

-Leaders who have compassion for lost souls

-Leaders who have a servant’s heart

-Leaders who walk by faith

-Leaders who are watchful and prayerful

-Leaders who have a godly lifestyle

-Leaders who have God-given knowledge, understanding and wisdom to handle the “ins and outs” of a mission program

One essential thing every servant of God must realize is the importance and power of having close communion with God. The time and depth a servant spends communing with God determine his victory over the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life. A servant of the Lord who lives in deep spirituality surely stands head and shoulders above others. His life will dramatically inspire the present generation. He will go in the way of the earth, but his motivating testimony will live and be well-spoken of and will touch many lives for the glory of God.

(II) The War They Must Be Aware Of

Acts 26:15-18

II Corinthians 10:4-6 Acts 13:1-12 Acts 5:1-3

-Spiritual warfare

Spiritual leaders must consider and be well familiar with spiritual warfare and not be ignorant of the adversary’s many faces in the war zone. Many Christians have little knowledge or are not even aware of spiritual warfare, and consequently, indifferent attitude, spiritual stagnancy and unproductiveness creep in to their lives. Church spiritual leaders are responsible of teaching their congregations about this spiritual battle so believers may fully understand their vital role and be equipped in fighting for the Truth.

-Internal warfare

Most of decisive battles are being fought within man’s thought life. It’s an internal warfare in an unseen place. It’s a war involving good and evil within us. It’s a war that could produce one’s significant decision to get involve or not in fulfilling the Great Commission. Obviously, the devil doesn’t want us to live a holy life and be involved in mission giving. He is against people who would like to form mission teams so they could spread the Gospel of Christ. The adversary is doing his best to hinder believers so that unbelievers will remain shackled in the dark.

(III) The Power They Must Use

Matthew 28:18 Romans 1:16 Hebrews 4:12

-The power of God I Corinthians 2:1-5

-The power of the Gospel

-The power of the Word of God

The power of God is beyond man’s imagination; the power of the Gospel is so amazing; and the power of the Word of God is undeniable. Knowing all these things, we have the confidence and assurance that we are on the winning side.

(IV) The Message They Must Teach and Preach

Mark 16:15 I Corinthians 15:1-4

-The Gospel of Christ

-Bible-based Messages

The Gospel and the Gospel Rule of Life must be the major subjects of preachers and teachers. Their godly lives must be the living fruits and proofs of what they teach and preach. Teachers who do not live by their teachings are like jumbled letters of the word "teachers" - they become cheaters.

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