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Summary: Lust, Sin, and Death! James warns us that there are consequences for our actions, and David's carnal sin is a vivid illustration of the damage a believer can cause to those around them!


The Year was 1990, and we had a problem in our school. Someone was handing out little patches with cartoon pictures and symbols – like temporary tattoos. Only thing was they were laced with LSD! Acid! Talk about scary! It’s a terrible drug that is HIGHLY addictive and incredibly dangerous! You don’t even have to put it in your mouth—just getting it on your skin will have effects on you! Once it gets in, it sends you on what is commonly known as an acid trip—a hallucination-filled, terrifying experience that can damage your brain upon the very first use!

Today, many Christians have an addiction to LSD…not the stuff that was causing the chaos in our school, but a Spiritual LSD! James calls us out, and tells us that we need to pay close attention to the trap that this LSD sets!

READ JAMES 1:13-16

I. L. = LUST (James 1:14 NIV & NASB)

A. The NIV says “desires,” but Lust is a much better word for it!

1. Evil Desire seems sterile! If I desire something, I want in it!

I don’t hear too many folks saying, “Man, I desire to be evil!”

or “I desire me some sin!”

2. Lust! Now THERE is a four letter word! Lust brings out the

FULL force behind it! If you lust for something, you BURN

for it!

B. The best commentary on the Bible is the Bible.

1. I can’t think of a better way to illustrate LSD than by showing

where God-fearing, Bible-believing people fall short and hurt


2. The most obvious one that stands out to me is David, a man

after God’s own heart!

C. 2 Samuel 11:2-5 – He couldn’t help it! He was smitten!

1. If it’s one thing I can’t stand is when we try and make excuses

for our actions!

2. Illust. My grandfather was an alcoholic – up to the day he passed

away. My father is a recovering alcoholic – he quit when I was

in the 8th Grade, and hasn’t had a drink since! So, I suppose

that gives me the right to drink myself into oblivion? Why?

I was born that way!? NO!

D. Lust breeds in the heart and we crave that which is making that

lust grow, causing an addiction to…

II. S. = Sin (James 1:15a)

A. Although it only takes one sin to cause issues, it seems to always

multiply like rabbits! When one sin comes in, it brings in a ton of

new ones to try and cover the first!

B. 2 Samuel 11:6-17, 26-27 - He tries bringing the man out of battle

to be at home with his wife, he tries getting Uriah drunk so he will

sleep with his wife and make him think he was the dad, and then…

he just kills the man! Sin on top of sin on top of SIN!

C. Not only did it displease the Lord, it lead to…

III. D.= Death (James 1:15b)

A. 2 Samuel 12:1-10

1. Notice David’s reaction to Nathan’s accusation against the

rich man!

2. It is so easy to blame someone when the shoe is on the other


3. David even breaks loose in judging! Then Nathan drops the


B. Look at what David’s sin cost him! Look at the blood on his hands!

1. Uriah dies, David’s son dies, Bathsheba is hurt, Nathan is

disappointed, and to make matters worse, God is displeased!

2. There is a reason that Paul says in Romans 6 that the wages

of sin is death.

C. So the question is: How many spirits have WE killed with our LSD


1. How many times have we stumbled, literally or figuratively,

because we lost control of our inhibitions?

2. How many times have people on the street heard one of us

dog a brother or sister in Christ behind their back? Any person

outside the doors hearing that would NEVER want to come

in here for fear they’d be next!

3. How many more souls will it take for all of us to wake up?

What we do makes an impact, whether it’s positive or negative.

It’s officially intervention time!!!!


It’s time we kicked our Spiritual L.S.D. habit and get ourselves into Spiritual Rehab! Christ knows that you can beat the addiction to this world. It’s why he came here in the first place! He has faith in you – do you have faith in him, and in yourself?

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