Summary: Discileship series

The heir is a man or woman with the legal right to thge assets of a father.

There is what is called a will. The will is the written document on how a person’s wealth is to be shared amongst a set of people, especially the children. And before any will is read, the instruction of the owner of the will must be strictly aghered to. Most times when the children are still small in age, the father sets an age (when he believes they must have grown into maturity) for the will to be read.

And God has also written His will for us His children (the Bible). It contains God’s wealth waiting to be share to us. And the only pre-requisite to having itimplemented is our maturity.

You must be able to interprete the will of God for your life. In Luke 4:14-19, Jesus interpret God’s will for his life and was able to walk in it. Until you are able to interprete His will for your life, you will continue to walk outside of his will, and that would be counter-productive to your prospects in life.

A spiritually mature person does not allow any wind of doctrines to move him about(Epesians 4:14). When you refuse to grow, you remain a child. And Jesus said that a child is not different from a slave. A slave does not know what his master is doing (John15:15). You cannot know the mind of God except you grow up.

When you refuse to mature, you easily give away your rights to the devil.


The only agent opf growth for the believer is the word of God. I Peter 2: 2 ’As new born babe, desire the sincere milk of the word, that you may grow by it’. You must have a sincere hunger for the word of God and be willing to swallow it raw, without compromise. Without the word of God dwelling richly in you, your prayer life will be shallow.

And a prayerless christian is a powerless christian. Without his word, you cannot walk with Him. The word is what gives light to you. Psalm 119:105.

Spend more time with the word and see your

faith level increase. Faith comes through the hearing of the word of God, and of course through the reading of His word. No word, no life. What you know is what gives you the power to become who you should be in life. Knowledge of the word of God gives you the kingdom power. And when you have the kingdon power, you excercise the kingdom dominion.

Seek for His word. Find it and eat it. It shall give you life.

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