Summary: God longs to raise up a people who will cry out in spiritually violent pursuit. He longs for a cry to be lifted up throughout the whole earth, longing for the depths of His presence.

Spiritual Violence – Part 2 - Matthew 11:11-12 (Amp)

I. The Context of Spiritual Violence

NOTE: Spiritual violence must be preceded by a revelation of the Father’s heart.

A. Jesus experienced a revelation of the Father’s heart

1. Matt 3:16 “…this is My beloved Son…”

2. This empowered Him to fast for 40 days & defeat the devil

B. This revelation has been spoken over us also…

1. Romans 8:15, “you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.””

2. The spirit of adoption unlocks our souls

C. The spirit of adoption is the bridge to a life of prayer

1. Many would say that they don’t want a life of prayer

2. That’s only because they have never experienced true prayer

3. They only know table prayers and bedtime prayers

NOTE: The average believer prays 30 seconds each day. The average pastor prays 60 seconds each day.

D. The spirit of adoption clears the way for us to cry out to “father”

1. People don’t typically cry out to a stranger

2. People don’t typically express their longings to a stranger

3. Many people don’t open up to God because He’s a stranger

E. The spirit of adoption makes Him our “Papa God”

NOTE: As we begin to understand the Father’s heart, and our value to Him as sons & daughters, we are moved to violently lay hold of Him.

II. Led by the Spirit

NOTE: Paul defined the sons (and daughters) of God as those who are led by the Spirit.

A. What does that mean?

1. To be led by the spirit means to be governed by and consumed with what God wants

2. It does not mean to just follow a trail of breadcrumbs

3. It is an active, purposeful, laser-focused directive

NOTE: Strong’s: to move, to impel (driven)

B. This is the connection between being led by the Spirit and

spiritual violence

III. The Father wants to be Pursued

A. He wants us to be in radical pursuit of Him

1. Without fear and without restraint

B. What if we “mess up”

1. God knows our weaknesses

2. He knows that we will fail from time to time

3. He also know that we are afraid of stumbling

C. But He has an absolute commitment to us

1. This can liberate us from our fears

2. His love toward us is perfect and complete

a. Perfect love casts out all fear 1 John 4:18

Concl.: Paul encouraged the church in Rome to participate in spiritual violence. He didn’t view God’s love as something to think about only when there’s pleasant music playing in the background.

Paul was encouraging the believers to view God’s committed love towards them as preparation for the potential of future martyrdom.

READ: Romans 8:31-35 and 38-39

If God is again calling His people to spiritual violence, it must be done in the context of the revelation of the Father’s resolute love for us.

It’s not about our commitment to God. It’s about God’s commitment to us.

David tells us in Psalm 63:8 that as we follow close to God, His hand will strengthen and uphold us.

NOTE: Unless we tap into the revelation that God’s hand will strengthen us, we will quickly grow tired in our pursuit of God.

If we are to give ourselves to this pursuit, we must drink deeply of God’s commitment to us. This will keep us in the race for years.

God longs to raise up a people who will cry out in spiritually violent pursuit. He longs for a cry to be lifted up throughout the whole earth, longing for the depths of His presence.

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Frank Perez

commented on Apr 18, 2009

Ed... Nothing is beind said about spiritual violence in this passage...but of violent people attaking the kingdom. the comments are about those who rejecte the kingdom and are doing damage

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