Summary: Defense against sin.

“Spiritual Weapons”

Eph 6 : 16-19


In the Gospel of Christ total righteousness of God is revealed. Often Satan and his dark kingdom try to penetrate into that which is light and true and pure. Man (flesh) is sometimes easily penetrated by dark forces. But today we want to focus in on how to combat Satan and his army of darkness.

Read Eph 6: 16-19

If there is sin in my heart that keeps me in the understanding of things of the darkness, walking in ignorance, it is my desire to have that darkness uncovered and brought to light. That coming unto light is my repentance. Work of true servants of God has been explained by Paul the apostle 2CO 10:4-5 “(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through the pulling down of strongholds.”) Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

(6) And having readiness to revenge al disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.

In order to combat and make captive those things that come against the word of God. We must gather up our Spiritual Weapons. We as believers in and of Christ; our Lord and Saviour. We must grab hold of the weapons God has for us. GOD IS A SUPPLIER IN TIME OF NEED.

So, The weapons in which we need to assist in the warfare against sin are found in Eph 6. But the mightiest of God’s armor is found in v16-19. (READ)

A. Shield of FAITH.

FAITH is the shield against Strongholds.

Exercise our Faith saves us from the missiles of lust, desires, and temptations of sin.

Saving Faith blocks the darts of sin from conquering our souls.

We were dead in sin. Now that we have began to understand that saving faith (The Shield). That Saving faith that is a gift of God, then we know it is by grace that he has quickened us, cleansed us, sanctified us, and justified us and brings us into that saving faith. This Shield of faith has become an instrument, which transfers salvation unto us.

B. Helmet of salvation.

Take up the helmet of salvation in order to be saved from any destructive powers of sin.

God uses the power of his word to work salvation in our souls to rid sin out.

Faith comes by hearing; God sends his word and his servant with faith as instruments to bring forth quickening by proclaiming redemption from all sin.

C. Sword of the Spirit (Word of GOD)

Faithful Preaching.

Faithful preaching pulls down strongholds of Satan in our lives

True preaching of the word exposes the enmity in the heart by nature.

Pastors must be faithful in the pulpit. Faith comes by hearing. If we are lied to, lulled asleep, or not hearing he God’s word. If the lord’s word is not getting through clearly, then saving faith is not a result. Only when the gospel is taught and preached clearly, then saving faith is being exercised in our lives.

Faithful preaching comes by those who are chosen by God. Gospel must be preached FAITHFULLY to the flock.

ROM 10:13-15 – must be “A DIVINE CALLING” to go out and preach and expound on God’s word.


Having spiritual weapons equips one for spiritual warfare. When you put on the armor of GOD you are a new man. The old man isn’t mentally equipped to have such weapons. The old man has no understanding of how to use these weapons.

God needs you in his army today. Won’t you come fight a good fight for Jesus?

God’ surplus store is stocked with all the weapons you need. (God will supply all your needs).

Pick up your spiritual weapon to combat the devil and his army. Don’t worry about paying for these weapons…JESUS already PAID IT ALL!

It’s time to go to war.

Are you ready!

Do you have your weapons!


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