Summary: An encouragement from God's Word to keep the faith, and stand in this present evil age

Standing in the Present Evil Age

Text: Luke 21:34-36, Titus 2:11-13

If you remember, the last time we were in John’s Gospel, we just got into chapter 14… But today we’re going to be turning to Luke’s Gospel, as well as a few other passages, because we really need to hear and understand, and put into practice the Word of God in this day that we live in. Also… in these last few Sundays that I have with you, I really wanted to share with you something that’s going to strengthen you in your faith, and grow you in your faith, and help you navigate this present evil age we’re living in.

And make no mistake about it… we ARE living in a present evil age!

In just the last few days we’ve seen a full blown Marxist Revolution begin to take place right here in the United States of America. We’ve seen a group of left-wing, radical, extremists known as Antifa take over about 6 city blocks in Seattle Washington, erect barricades around the perimeter of that area, and place armed guards on those barricades. The dividing lines in America have never been more clear, and more important… and it’s not about race, or ethnicity, or skin color. That’s what they want you to believe. But the truth is, it’s about ideologies, and world-views, and belief systems. And ultimately – They believe – IT’S ABOUT POWER! And the re-distribution of it. On the one hand you’ve got some who have aligned themselves with the ideologies of Communist Marxism, and Socialism, and Globalism. They are anti-Christian, anti-Liberty, and anti-America. And on the other hand you have some who have taken the stand for Freedom, and Free Market Economies, and for God and Christ, and the Word of God, and for TRUTH. And in the middle, there’s the majority of folks who have no idea what’s going on at all. Most people are just trying to live their lives, make a living, pay their bills, and be at peace with everyone. Unfortunately; those militant radicals don’t want that for you… they want to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”. They want to tear it down, and then remake it in their own image.

Thankfully here at Sharon, we talked about this six years ago… when we asked the question – “Why do the Nations Rage?”, we talked about it five years ago, when I preached on the “Rise and Fall of Nations”, we looked at it two years ago when we looked at the warnings from God’s Word found in Matthew 24, and we saw what the Lord had to say about it. Last year we looked at it again from another perspective, when we went through Habakkuk. So we as people who believe in God’s Word, and trust in the God who gave us His Word, we are not taken by surprise by these things. Sure, they are troubling to us, and it hurts our heart when we see lawlessness abound… when we see lives taken in an unjust way, by either side of the spectrum… but at the same time, we know that lawlessness abounds because the love of many has grown cold.

And so the question that many of us as Christians are now asking is – “Are we in the last of the Last Days”? And I always say this, because it’s what Scripture says, “No man knows the day or the hour.” So we cannot say with absolute certainty that the Lord will return on a specific date. But we are told to discern the times. We are told to be watchful, to be alert and diligent, and to not be sleeping.

Turn with me to Luke 21:34-36 and listen to what Jesus says (READ Luke 21:34-36).

Are we in the last of the Last Days? I believe we are. For thousands of years’ humanity has experienced what Jesus referred to as “Birth Pains” … Wars, Rumors of War, Earthquakes, Famine, Pestilence, Disease, False Prophets, and False Teaching. But now it’s ramped up. We now are seeing entire denominations… not sliding toward apostasy, but running towards it. State governors are destroying their entire state economies and people’s livelihood, and now we have the evil actions of a sadist police officer being used as an excuse for left-wing authoritarian led riots in our streets. We have outright sedition, and treason taking place at all levels of government. And the frequency and intensity of those things are only increasing. They get worse, they get closer together, and now it seems like there’s some who want us to accept that “New Normal” is perpetual crisis.

First of all – let me just say this – it’s NOT normal… nor do I accept it as normal. It’s abnormal. It’s abhorrent. It’s wicked. And my GOD says that He is going to someday set all things right!

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