Summary: Sermon based upon the thought of commitment to Christ - commitment to others.

Stand Up or Sit Down (Put Up or Shut Up)

Hebrews 10:19-25

April 13, 2008 AM Sermon

God has richly blessed our church with many decisions over the past few months. He has richly blessed us with good attendance and faithful giving. He has blessed us with His presence during worship. He’s been faithful to us. In the 10th chapter of Hebrews, His faithfulness to us is shown through the blood covenant to be shared with His believers. Christ shed His blood for us, so that if we believe in Him, our sins will be forgiven and we will have Eternal life. Once again, He’s been faithful to us.

However, have we been faithful to Him? Once we enter into this relationship with God, it is not just a fire insurance policy – it has certain responsibilities for each one of us. We are to serve, we are to share, we are to support one another, we are to be what God wants us to be. The world we live in today frowns upon this concept of a relationship with God. If a “believer” attends 1 service a month, he or she is considered active. George Barna states that 40% of members in an average church never attend services. Add to that, the “faithful” average family misses 10 Sundays a year. Recent SBC Sunday School stats say that an “average” SS teacher misses 14 Sundays a year.

How can this truly be? Jesus died on the cross for our sins/shortcomings and gave us the opportunity for Eternal life. Here’s another thought. . .

The condition of our world – have we as the Body of Christ taken stands as we should?

Friends, it is time that we either decide to Stand Up for Jesus – do what we have been commissioned to do – or sit down and let Satan be victorious.


ILL. Offensive Line vs. Defensive Line

A few words to look at today in the passage:

1. “Boldness” – when an individual accepts Jesus as Lord, he/she has the boldness to enter into the House of God and worship freely. (FREEDOM)

* You have freedom in the Holy Spirit to Worship

2. “High Priest” – That boldness/freedom that we do have is because we have a living high priest – Jesus Christ.

3. “Draw Near” – Come closer – get as close as possible

4. “True Heart with Full Assurance” – Know that you know

5. “Let us Hold Fast the Profession of Our Faith” – Be dedicated

6. “Consider one another” – You are not the only one in the world

7. “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together” – we are a Kingdom of Priests (1 Pet 2:9) we are to worship together.

If we are to totally apply this passage to the theme that is set aside in Scripture on being faithful, we must as a church come together the following ways:

I. We must enter the House of God, the Holy of Holies – with a COMMON LOVE

a. Verse 19 – says we have been given the freedom to worship through the blood of Jesus Christ.

b. Deut 6:5 – Love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.”

1. There’s no in between – you either Love Jesus or you do not.

2. There’s no way to be 99% saved. If you are 99% saved, you are 100% lost.

c. Verse 22 – says we are to draw near with full assurance

d. James 4:8 – Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you.

e. Jeremiah 29:11 – Seek ye the Lord and He shall be found

II. We must enter the House of God, the Holy of Holies – with a COMMON MISSION

a. Verse 22 – Draw Nearer to God

b. Verse 23 – Hold Fast to the Profession of our Faith

c. Verse 24 – Consider others

d. Verse 25 – Worship God Together

e. Verse 19 – With Boldness/Freedom

1. The mission of Black Creek Baptist Church is not to sit still, sit tight, and do nothing.

2. Our mission is to Reach Others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, spreading His love through Evangelism, the Preached Word, and the outward display of love from the body of Christ. Secondly, once we reach them, we are to teach them about Jesus, making them disciples – equipping them to go out and share with others. Finally, once we Reach, Teach, we are to strive to Keep them by involving them in missions, evangelism, worship, teaching, etc.

3. Your individual mission can be found this way – not from a self-help book, not from a 40 day book, but from a direct line of communication with God this morning – Have you sent Him an Knee-Mail lately?

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