Summary: How many know that it is never dull about being a Christian? God always has something going on. Some of us have sensed God challenging you to press on to a higher calling. ~ POWER POINT IMAGES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. INQUIRE AT jyeargin@comcast.n


In 2005, the Lord worked in many lives in a variety of ways.

God keeps us all busy while He is working on us.

How many know that it is never dull about being a Christian?

God always has something going on. Some of us have sensed God challenging you to press on to a higher calling.

There may be those who thought that now wasn’t a convenient time for the Lord to be dealing with their heart.

Spiritual changes often take place during our difficulties and crisis’.

How many know that God doesn’t wait around until we are in a better mood before He will to talk to us?

See if this makes sense to you:

It seems whenever a trial or tribulation is taking place, we have a hard time communicating with the Lord. Let’s face it, we may not feel like praying very much. And, sometimes we can’t seem to focus on trying to hear a sovereign, “Thus sayeth the Lord…”

You may or may not be able to hear God today but He is speaking to each of us. I want us find a better signal from God’s transmitters. For some of us, our digital/cable television screen that God gives us for our spiritual lives may be flickering, may be getting blurry or snowy, and you can’t seem to fix it. Let’s try to get a better connection and see and hear what the Lord is saying.

Text: Habakkuk 2:1 - 3 (KJV - UPON THE TOWER)



Each of us need a tower in our lives to go and stand upon…it will be there that we will see things much better from God’s perspective…

Not too far from where Marjorie and I once lived in southern Georgia is one of the most important monuments of W.W. II. Oddly enough, you won’t find this monument listed with the other great monuments.

You know - Washington’s Monument or Lincoln Square.

Just a quiet overlook on a hillside in Roosevelt State Park...

Just an hour and an half outside of Atlanta…commonly known to the locals as Dowdells Knob. To an occasional backpacker, it is a great place to take a moment and rest from a long hike through the mountains of southern Georgia . But for Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt it was his tower to stand watch during WWII. It was a summit of peace while the rest of world was at war with itself. The Nazi Regime was killing the Europeans while the Japanese were killing our American Service men and women.

As some of you know, President Roosevelt (FDR) was stricken with polio and was not a well man. This forefather, of ours, carried the weight of the world on his shoulders even though he was confined to a wheelchair. Due to his illness, the President often visited the Little White House, in Warm Springs, GA.

(He choose this location for the therapeutic treatment of the warm spring water baths.)

It was there that the President was given daily reports of the mass destruction of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. Each day President Roosevelt was also treated for his polio, and after a long day the President would often go to this overlook, Dowdells Knob. There, he would try and find peace from the stress of the war in hopes that he could solve the world’s problems.

In spite of his debilitating illness of polio, Pres. Roosevelt had to STAND AT HIS WATCH for the rest of the world. I have stood and knelt at this historic location numerous times, and contemplated that the fate of many lives was decided on that tranquil overlook. With the decisions that had to be made by the President, some of our young men and women would live while others would have to sacrifice their lives. The decisions made there were never easy. They were often painful and regretful.

Listen. We may not be faced with a debilitating disease like Polio.

We may not ever have to decide the fate of lives around the world, but each of us has needs that can seem just as heavy on our shoulders.

This morning - Remember that Jesus once went to the Garden of Gethsemane to contemplate what His Father would have to tell Him.

Likewise, no matter what you and I are faced with this day, we have to STAND AT OUR WATCH. We must find a summit of peace, a Tower of Refuge we can go to.

There, we will find:

• Peace when our world is in turmoil and chaos.

• A Savior whose name is above every name.

• Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.

Out of the stress of our day, we can STAND AT OUR WATCH, and we may even cry out as the Psalmist did:

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Ngozi Blessing

commented on Sep 16, 2019

God is good and faithful to His words. This article has richly given me a better understanding of the book of Habakkuk and the lesson the Holy spirit is teaching us to follow in time of confusion.

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