3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: There are many treats to a believer’s stability, but with their close fellowship with the body of Christ they will have the strenght to stand firm.

#26, 10-14-07

Standing Firm

Introduction, Why are so many Christians inconsistent in their walk with God?

Different types of inconsistent Christians,

1) “Roller-coaster Christians, 2) “Light-Switch Christians

3) “Hot or Cold Christians, 4) “Bang-Fizz” Christians

Text, Philippians 4:1-3

I. Threats to Stability

A. The World

1. The pressure to conform to its ways

2. Persecution when you don’t conform, the Philippians church was being


B. The Flesh

1. Your fleshly carnal nature

2. The struggle for control between the flesh and the Spirit, between

Selfish ambition or obedience to Christ

C. The Devil

1. The Deceiver 2. The tempter 3. The Condemner

D. Other Believers

Offences that happen the church between people

II. The Importance of Church Fellowship

A. Necessary for growth and stability

There is a direct correlation between fellowship and spiritual growth

B. What church fellowship should be,

1. A supportive system where people can bare each others burdens and

Help restore the weak and fallen

2. Where there is accountability between members

C. There most be a spirit of harmony for this to happen

Factions, divisions, and unforgiveness

III. Cultivate Harmony in Church Fellowship

A. The personal conflict (v2,3)

Euodia vs Syntche

B. Any threat to church unity must be confronted

1. Confronted on the personal level

2. If confronting the personal level doesn’t work move the church

C. How to deal with personal conflict in the church

1. Admit the problem

2. Begin speaking to the person your confronting with praise

3. Confront in love

4. Demonstrate compassion

5. Find a mediator

6. Have church leadership intervene if necessary

How stable is your walk with the Lord?

How consistent is your church fellowship?

Have other Christians caused you to withdraw from church fellowship?

Have you resolved all personal conflicts with others in the church?


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