Summary: learn a prayer of praise and thanksgiving through hannah

Please open your bibles to 1 Samuel…..

We noted last week from Chapter 1, Hannah who was barren prayed intensely to God. Hannah made a vow that if she had a son she would commit him be a servant in God’s Temple. God answered Hannah’s prayer and she made good on her vow. We will read now in Chapter 2, Hanna’s prayer of praise and thanksgiving.

Read along with me 1 Samuel 2:1-11….

Let us look at the details of her prayer, of course inspired by God for us, so that we too can pray the right way.

v1a…. Her heart rejoices in the Lord; what does this indicate? Hanna’s heart was full of joy as she started to talk to God! What a way to start a prayer!

v1b…Hanna said, in the LORD my horn is lifted high. What does this mean? Horn here indicates her strength and confidence in life. Hanna was strong and confident in life because of God!

What did she mean with the 3rd part of v1? v1c: In spite of troubles and enemies, Hannah can praise God!

And she can praise God because of what Hanna affirms in v1d…… Hannah affirms a gracious God!

v2: Hannah affirms the holiness, uniqueness, and strength and stability of God!

v3: Hannah was careful of her pride and arrogance for she knew God knows everything!

v4: God will humble those who are lofty and lift up those who are humble!

v5: God knows what is needed and what to take away.

v6: God has power over death!

v7-8: God humbles and he exalts.

v8c: God created the earth and is in control of the world!

v9: God prevails and will protect and guide His Believers.

v10: All who go against God will lose!

The application for us is simple isn’t it; follow Hannah’s example of prayer!

1. Find joy from the Lord in your heart! If you’re a Christian, this should not be hard! Here’s what our hearts should look like (show picture); if this is not true in your heart, confess your sins and claim the forgiveness from through the Cross!

2. Affirm God’s graciousness to you! Be confident of God’s faithfulness to you! Say it to God!

3. State to God your belief of who He is: your Creator who is Holy, Unique, Almighty, and will do what He says in the Bible.

4. Humble yourself to God. Bow down everything to God!

5. Yield all of who you are and what you have to God!

Let us pray this way everyday; let us start right now; take a moment to quietly pray through these 5 steps right where you are …….

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