Summary: A few worthwhile resolutions for the coming New Year

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Around the New Year I always like to look at resolutions that people have made. When I opened my web browser I noticed a little statement that said; “For discovering the best bakeries before 2015 resolutions, there’s the Google app.” I guess even Google knows what resolutions people are going to make this year. I have never been one for making resolutions and likely never will. I can’t remember a time when I made one that I actually kept. But it’s the normal routine for many people. They make this declaration of something they will or will not do in the coming year. Last year I made a resolution to learn to play the piano. I’m 361 days in. I’ve got time.

It happens so often. We make this statement and it’s not long before we’ve either forgotten what we resolved to do or we just gave it up. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve read or heard people say that they are going to go to church more. A few of us were talking about this at the Christmas party. If everyone who has ever said to me that they are going to start coming to church then our pews would be overflowing. Not following through seems to be an epidemic, and let me be the first to tell you that I am guilty of it as well.

The word resolute means admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering. So when we make a resolution, we are declaring something that we purpose, we’re determined to complete, and despite all that happens we do not waver from that goal. We understand the definition. I don’t believe the definition is the problem, though. I believe it’s the object of our resolution. For example, I am not really interested in going on a diet. I know that it would be good for me, but I’m not interested in it. I want to know year round where the best bakeries are. I want to know where I can find a donut shop.

So for that reason I believe we should resolve to be better, or do better, in the areas of life that matter the most to us. It might be something with your family. Perhaps it’s something related to work or maybe the church. But I believe we all could do and do more when it comes to the Lord’s Work. Don’t misquote me here and think I’m saying we are doing a poor job. But I believe that there is always more we can do and more we should do. As the body of Christ, we must work together to promote the Head – to reach others for the Lord – to share the good news and the hope that we find in Jesus Christ.

This is what I believe we should all resolve to do more of this coming year. I’ve said many times that one of the best things about the New Year is that it’s new. We love new things. New things are fresh. New things are exciting. But one thing that I have noticed about “new” is that it shows progress. Our church experienced some new things. We got new stained-glass windows and new flooring for our fellowship hall. We got a new storage building outside. Many people will just see these things as needed cosmetic changes; I see them as improvements and progress. I believe a healthy church is one that can make improvements.

Recently Amy (my wife) was able to trade in her old car for a newer model. She did have a 2011 Nissan Rogue, but traded it in for a 2015 model. Her old one had about 53,000 miles on it and it was the perfect time to trade up. The car she got has amenities that I never thought were necessary. I didn’t think a backup camera was a big deal, but I love it now. I never really cared much for Bluetooth accessibility, but I have to admit it’s pretty nice. And heated seats? It’s probably my favorite thing about that car.

Just think, we have a new year. We have a new year that is likely filled with new opportunities, new exciting things, but understandably so there is a fear of new troubles, new heartaches, and new circumstances. Many people will enter into this new year with relief to put the old one behind them, but fearful for what may lay ahead. And truthfully I can’t really blame anyone for feeling that way. I keep seeing this trend on Facebook about this “my year” thing. I haven’t done it because unlike most of the people on there I don’t post my life on facebook. But it’s an interesting tool. It’s kind of like “My year in review.” It’s a way to look back at 2014. Some will miss it. Others may be glad it’s gone.

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