Summary: When God goes to the trouble and tells you He's going to do something, “Receive that word, stand on that word, hold fast to that word and above all else, believe that Word!”


Illus. By sermon central staff

The story goes, a lady said My husband, Michael, and I were at a restaurant with his boss, a rather stern older man.

When Michael began a tale, which I was sure he had told before, I gave him a kick under the table. There was no response, so I gave him another poke. Still the story went on.

Suddenly he stopped, grinned and said, "Oh, but I’ve told you this one before, haven’t I?" We all chuckled and changed the subject.

Later, on the dance floor, I asked my husband why it had taken him so long to get my message. "What do you mean?" he replied. "I cut the story off as soon as you kicked me."

"But I kicked you twice and it still took you awhile to stop!"

Suddenly we realized what had happened. Sheepishly we returned to our table.

The boss smiled and said, "Don’t worry. After the second one I figured it wasn’t for me, so I passed it along!"

Illus. Does anyone remember the lyrics to the song Johny Nash made popular?

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,

I can see all obstacles in my way

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind

It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)

Sun-Shiny day.

Psalms 65:11 NKJ

11 You crown the year with Your goodness,

And Your paths drip with abundance.

Did you ever notice something and it seems so suddenly new, only to discover that it's always been there. The only thing different is, that you finally became aware of it.

It's kind of like that we you finally become aware of how much Love, God has for you! Because when you do, you suddenly become aware of how good He is to His children.

When I read a verse like this and I think of all the things that God has done

for me personally and still God tells me that He wants to do more.

I'm constantly encouraged, because I know that no matter what, God has good things in store for me and the my cup continually runs over.

Still Others will look at a verse like this and say the exact opposite.

As we go through life, most of us find ourselves in two different states of mind. Either were on top of the world and things are going great for us. Or were down in the valley and things aren't going the way we like them to go, or

they could certainly be better to say the least.

The first state of mind, we think we know exactly where God is and what He's been up to...because we see the results and it's easy to speak life to our situation, because life is good!

The second state of mind, we are quick to forget....we think God is no where to be found, because the results we are longing for we think are so far from happening, doors seem to be only closing and we have a hard to time speaking life to our situation!

It seems as though our next call will be for CPR, we feel life is being removed from our situation, right before our eyes.

TBS I’m not moved by what I feel or see, I’ve got to Victor living in me! Sometimes you have to remind yourself who the resident is that lives within you!

Sometimes you need to look inward and ask yourself what are you expecting? There will be times you need to listen and ask yourself, “What’s coming out of your mouth?”

Are you speaking words of life over your situation? Have you forgotten God is a God of suddenly moments, God is a God of right now possibilities? God is a God of perfect timing and a God who always knows best for you!

2 Kings 7:1-2 MSG

Elisha said, “Listen! God’s word! The famine’s over. This time tomorrow food will be plentiful—a handful of meal for a shekel; two handfuls of grain for a shekel. The market at the city gate will be buzzing.”

2 The attendant on whom the king leaned for support said to the Holy Man, “You expect us to believe that? Trapdoors opening in the sky and food tumbling out?”

“You’ll watch it with your own eyes,” he said, “but you will not eat so much as a mouthful!”

How many times have you been talking to someone who acted like they were paying attention to you? But when you asked them what you said, they couldn’t seem to come up with anything that closely resembled anything you said!

Sometimes we think we’re listening with our ears, but we’re not hearing the word God is sending and giving to us with our Heart!

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