Summary: Introductory Truth - How it pays to take one step at a time with God! ~ Isobel Kuhn There’s a lovely verse in Genesis 24, spoken by Abraham’s servant Eliezer while on a mission to Mesopotamia to find a bride for Isaac. Arriving there, he met Rebekah

I. To be led, we must first cast out all fear.

The only fear a Christian should entertain is the fear of sin. All other fears are from

Satan sent to confuse and weaken us. How often the Lord reiterated to His disciples, ‘Be not afraid!’ ~ Isobel


Genesis 15:1 - fear not, Abram

Genesis 21:17 - fear not (Hagar)

Genesis 26:24 - fear not (Isaac)

Genesis 35:17 - fear not (Rachel)

Genesis 46:3 - fear not (Jacob)

Genesis 50:19 - fear not (Joseph’s brothers)

Exodus 20:20 - fear not (The children of Israel)

Deuteronomy 31:1-8 - fear not (Joshua)

Judges 6:23 - fear not (Gideon)

Ruth 3:11 - fear not (Ruth)

First Samuel 22:23 - fear not (Abiathar)

Second Samuel 9:7 - fear not (Mephibosheth)

First Kings 17:13 - fear not (widow woman)

First Chronicles 28:20 - fear not (Solomon)

Daniel 10:12 - Fear not, Daniel

Matthew 1:20 - fear not (Joseph)

Matthew 28:5 - fear not (the Marys)

Luke 1:13 - fear not, Zacharias

Luke 1:30 - fear not, Mary

Luke 5:10 - Simon, fear not

Luke 8:50 - fear not (a religious ruler)

Luke 12:7 - fear not (Jesus’ friends)

Acts 27:24 - fear not, Paul

Revelation 21:17 - fear not (John the Revelator)

How do we get rid of our fear? By loving God and one another! (First John 4:7-21)

II. To be lead, we must also seek light for the next step.

Exodus 13:21-22 and Nehemiah 9:1-12

Psalm 77 and Psalm 23

When we do not know what to do, we need to cast out all fear, seek light for the next

step and trust God for guidance in small increments. He will always lead us forward

for His honor and glory.

It was a path where faith alone could walk, and step by step in faith they trod it until

the other shore was reached. ~ John Richie

Never a trial that He is not there,

Never a burden that He does not bear,

Never a sorrow that He does not share,

Moment by moment, we’re under His care. ~ Whittle

We mustn’t doubt in darkness

what God has showed us in the light.

To go as I am led, to go when I am led, to go where I am led; A.T. Pierson once

wrote, it is that which has been for twenty years the one prayer of my life.

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