Summary: This sermon looks at the faith of Noah and what it has to do with us.

Stepping Out on Faithfulness!

Men have tried to appease the “gods” for centuries

Aztecs (volcano god), Canaanites (fertility gods)

Genesis 6:13-22

The way to please God is through faithfulness

Heb 11:6, 7

Pistis- faithfulness or faith

Faithfulness is acting on your faith (beliefs)

Noah was living his life faithfully to God

This is the “found favor” portion

If you claim to have faith, but don’t act on it…

You’re just going through the motions

God speaks specifically about faith in the Bible

Luke 16:10

There’s not many things bigger than an ark

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Noah was faithful to God everyday

Otherwise, God wouldn’t have trusted him with the ark

Faithful in what?

Faithful in using your talents- Mt. 25:14-30

Conviction led them to action

Master was happy with them- Heb. 11:6

No quitting or retiring in Christianity

Faithful in evangelism- Acts 1:8

Don’t worry about my return

Be faithful in the task I have given you

Spread the Word

Faithful in worship- Jn. 4:24-24

Not the who, what, when, where, why & how of worship

Lk. 10:27

Love God even when you’re not in church

If you didn’t love Him all week, you don’t love Him today

You’re only here out of duty or habit

Simply a hypocrite

Faithful in the “one-another’s”

Love, serve, encourage

This is the faithfulness God is looking for

We can’t step out and do big things for God until we do the small things

So what?

How do you please God?

You live a faithful life

Want to do something big for God?

Start with faithfulness

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