Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Three principles I can learn from Jesus - the ultimate model of stewardship: (1) He didn’t abuse what He had; (2) He didn’t squander what He had; and (3) He didn’t keep what He had.


(Dan 7:14) “Then to Him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom…”


(Matt 28:18) “Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, ‘All authority has been given to Me…’”

(1 Cor 15:24-26) “Then comes the end, when He delivers the kingdom to God the Father…”

1. A forever kingdom, a forever dominion, and a forever glory - indestructible

2. This was given to Jesus by the Father

3. But Jesus wouldn’t hold onto it forever – eventually deliver it back to Father

II. HOW OFTEN THE FATHER GIVES US THINGS - Just List The Things God Has Given You


A. In Bible, Steward = someone who manages another’s property, finances, household

1. Joseph in Pharaoh’s house

2. Airlines used to have stewards & stewardess. Now - flight attendants

B. To Limit The Notion Of Stewardship To Just Tithing Is Too Narrow

1. Stewardship involves - not just the 10%, but the other 90% as well

a. some churches make tithing an idol – like God doesn’t care about other 90% – just so He gets His 10%

b. God cares so much about 100% that if you’re unconcerned about stewardship of 100%, he cares little about 10%

- that’s why poor widow’s mite so significant to Jesus

- tithing meaningful only in context w/ stewardship of it all

c. in 5-10 minutes, I’m going to show you that

- God is not just concerned about 10%

- God is not just concerned about 100%

- but God is concerned about 200%

2. Not just how you take care of your money, but how you take care of your family…an your time, and your skills and everything

3. Not just the house you live in but that which your soul lives in – your body

4. Not just fending for your own soul, but for other souls as well


A. Jesus Didn’t Abuse What Was Given To Him

1. He had every chance to abuse what was given to Him

a. wilderness temptations

b. Calvary temptations

2. We abuse because we forget that we are stewards & think we’re owners

a. should be no abuse in your home - assaulted – get help

b. should be no verbal or mental abuse in the home

c. should be no abuse if you’re an employer

d. should be no abuse if you’re an employee – stealing time/product

e. learn to take care of what was given to you

- whether you are an adult

- whether you’re a child with your first toy or pet

3. We abuse because we forget who gave it to us

B. Jesus Didn’t Squander What Was Given To Him

1. He could have isolated Himself – become a monk, hermit, or lived in cave

a. waste the gifts & opportunity & power He had

b. risked, invested Himself, crucified, but world was changed

2. God calls us to do something positive & invest ourselves in this world

3. Recall Matthew 25:14-30 – parable of the talents

a. 5 talents – doubled (200%)

b. 2 talents – doubled (200%)

c. 1 talent – buried – stayed the same? No – lost value

4. God calls us to invest what we have been given – Godly increase - Don’t waste time mourning what you don’t have, grow /increase what you do have

a. invest in our kids – Godly increase in them – they grow up!

b. invest in our skills – Godly ambition – re-invent if necessary - less expendable you are & more hirable you are

c. invest in our marriage – why should love sag

– “may the honeymoon never eclipse” – GT Mitchell

- invest financially – date night

d. money wise – invest in your church & it’s missions

e. money wise – invest in your future

– don’t count on SS

-- taking care of yourself physically – pay now or pay later

f. invest in the kingdom of God

- you have a skill or talent – invest it, use it, increase it

- there are souls around you – God calls us to invest in them (win them, nurture them until they can invest themselves & multiply Christ in others)

C. Jesus Didn’t Keep What Was Given To Him

1. Eventually gave it back to the Father

2. Whatever the Father has given to you, you must someday release it back

3. It means we must give an account

4. It means nothing that we have we truly own – it’s just on loan to us

a. hearses don’t have hitches

b. never see a funeral procession with a U-Haul trailer hitched to the hearse

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