Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: One must be a good Steward with what you already have; in order to receive more!

Stewardship Promotes Increase

A man on vacation was strolling along outside his hotel in Mexico,

• Enjoying the sunny Mexican weather.

• Suddenly, he was distracted by the screams of a woman kneeling in front of a child.

• The man knew enough Spanish to determine that the boy had swallowed a coin.

He grab the child by the heels, the man held him up,

• Gave him a few shakes,

• And an American quarter dropped to the sidewalk.

“Oh, thank you sir!” cried the woman.

• “You seemed to know just how to get it out of him.

• Are you a doctor?”

• “No, ma’am,” replied the man.

“I’m with the United States Internal Revenue Service.”

We’re coming out of the series, “Effectual Prayer”

• This awesome series taught us how to pray

• Effective prayers

• Prayers that’s capable to reach the heavens

• Prayers that will produce confidence

• Knowing that God will work through

• Our asking and our actions

• And produce answers of blessings

God richly blessed so many of you during this series!

There are many more Blessings to come.

But, as God continues to bless us, we must be of good steward of those blessings.

As a matter of fact, In order for you to grow your current blessings in your life;

• You must show God that you’re first grateful

• Of what you already have

• By properly managing those blessings

• Your Life

• Your Money

• Your Time

• Your Material Possessions

• Your Talents and Gifts

You must be a good Steward with what you already have; in order to receive more!

For the next couple of weeks, we’re going to talk from the topic:

“Stewardship Promotes Increase”

Now, lets talk about the word, “Stewardship” for a moment!

I believe that it is important to know word origination; for it helps one to understand Purpose and Application.

• The word “Stewardship” comes from the root word “Steward”

• Which originates from the Greek word

• “Oi-ko-no-mos”

• Which means to manage; to govern

1 Peter 4:10, says we are to be; “… good stewards of the manifold grace of God.”

• Which means all the Mainfold blessing

• The various, diverse, many, multiple blessing

• Of God in your life must be managed well by you!

• That’s being a good steward

But stewardship, takes it to another level!

Stewardship makes it even more personable!

Stewardship is personal responsibility for taking care of another person’s property or financial affairs!

• I want you to keep at the fore front of your mind

• That stewardship is the responsibility

• For taking care of another person’s property or financial affairs

Let’s take it a step further:

Stewardship, in a more general way, refers to a responsibility to take care of something one does not own.

• Think of all the many blessing in your life

• Think of all the money you have

• Think of all the material possessions you have

• Think of all your talents, gifts and abilities

• Look at your children

• None of these, belong to you

• They were loaned to you

God placed them in your life;

• Because he thought that you would be a good steward

• God Said, Shawn and Katina, I’m gonna give you a car

• Now take care of my property

• He said, Aldria, I’m gonna give you a supervisory job

• Don’t abuse my power

• God said, all the money I have blessed you with

• I need you to take care of my financial affairs

We’re only stewards, taking care of another’s person property and financial affairs.

That person is God!

Stewardship begins and ends with the understanding of God’s ownership of all!

The bible declares this in scripture

Revelations 22:13 says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

Psalms 24:1, “The earth is the Lord, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it”

Leviticus 25:23, “The land must not be sold permanently, because the land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants.”

Job 41:11, God said, “Who has a claim against me that I must pay? Everything under heaven belongs to me.”

“I believe we’re under the Heavens”

Everything about you belongs to God!

• Submitting to God as a good steward

• Is a part of submitting your life to God

Now we’re talking about how Stewardship Promotes Increase!

• Stewardship or being a good steward

• Will no only increase more to what you already have

• But will increase within what you currently have

IIL: You ever noticed how you were able to manage less money when you received more.

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