Summary: Becoming aware of debilitating attitudes and finding power through Jesus to overcome.

Stinking Thinking 2

Genesis 4:6-7

‘And the Lord said unto Cain, Why art thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen? If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door.’

Negative Attitudes cause us to turn away from God. We are never told why God rejected Cain’s offering. We preach that it had to be something living. There had to be blood involved. Maybe it wasn’t up to God’s standard. That makes for good sermons, but I wonder if it was rejected because of Cain’s attitude.

God is not only interested in what we do and don’t do, but also why we do or don’t do. Everything is ignored while our motive is considered, then blessed is the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

2 more stinking attitudes:

Corner Cutting and Defiance.

3. Corner cutting: AHHH – what a beautiful day – why not skip. I’m sleepy – why not pray. That little rebel inside us that demands to know “what’s the big deal?”

The big deal is that victory depends on consistency and commitment. When we miss our chances to pray, to study, to witness, to give, to attend we miss out on so much. We cut corners when we make excuses.

Corner cutters are cheaters. Loopholers, Shortcutters. People start off small and aren’t really bothered. No big deal.

To sleep with another mans wife is horrible sin, but to take a quick peek at that dirty picture is no big deal. To play the lottery and bet on horses is wicked! But to blow God’s money on a new hobby is no big deal. The corner cutters motto: no big deal!

You really can’t talk to a corner cutter. Everything they say is an excuse for some questionable behavior. A word to the wise is sufficient. A whip for the horse, a bridle for the ass, and a rod for the fool’s back.

Our loved ones can see this attitude. We think they are nagging and harassing us but maybe they see issues in us and don’t know how to vocalize their concerns.

The opposite attitude of a corner cutter is accountability. Instead of being unreliable, we should be thorough and careful. Instead of being impulsive we should work on our self discipline.

We can have all the victory we ever want. God has never put a limit to how close we can get. There is only one way to get close. The old paths. There is no shortcuts in this spiritual life. Looking for loopholes will get you hung.

You can see a corner cutter every time you meet someone who has laid down scriptural truths for an easier walk. Take this whole world but give me Jesus.

I’m not worried how close I can get to the world and stay saved; I want to know how close can I get to the Lord. People who ride the fence are really hurting themselves, seeing as it’s a razor wire fence. Consistency and commitment.

4. The last attitude is Defiance.

If you cant stand to be told what to do. If your blood pressure gets high when someone tells you NO. If you see red when someone orders you around; you might be defiant.

Everyone has a natural will to oppose. Everyone wants to be right. We think we have all the answers. Everything would be better if people would listen to us.

Defiance isn’t always open and on display. We might seem perfectly pleasant and agreeable on the outside; while inwardly we plot and scheme to get our own way and do exactly as we please.

If you won’t hear advice, won’t accept help, and have all the answers already – you might have a defiant attitude. This sabotages our victory. It undermines our triumph.

Defiance proves immaturity. Like children, defiant people want the center of attention, and want to have all their needs met immediately or else! Defiant people become angry and resentful when others don’t act like they want. Defiant people will blame everyone else for their every problem. Defiant people will spend lots of energy trying to get others to change.

They should be giving, but they are demanding. They could be more open minded, but they are stubborn. Easily angered when they should have control. Loves to argue and resist when they could be open and mature. DEFIANT!

This is why this attitude is so dangerous: we get so busy defiantly trying to control and change others that we don’t have enough strength left to see our needs. Our stinking thinking will never be fixed because we are so focused on others.

How can we change our stinking thinking? Change our attitude!

Become aware of needs and deficiencies. Commit every fiber of strength to fix. Take action against the wrong and for the right.

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