Summary: Sermon for the people of God who steps out of their purpose and God's will.

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Stop drifting from God,

2 Samuel 11:1-5

King David made one of the biggest mistakes that we the children of God often make today, David like many of us today felt that because he was king, and had accomplish so much that he had a sense of entitlement, he decides to take some me time, often enough I make it a point to remind the church that last week, last month, and even last year wasn’t about them. And for those you who haven’t gotten the memo it’s not about you either.

Some reasons for David’s crash was his mockery of holy matrimony, his lack of self-discipline, his desire for self-will, and his ability to compromise the word of God. It’s the sad truth with many in the church today. Often in counseling persons in the church today we find that same spirit that caused David to drift from god.

I’ve found in most troubled marriages that there’s always a partner who tries to draw claim to his/her innocence by professing to be innocent, you heard but I didn’t do anything. Beloved hear me out that one of the biggest problems for drifting. You see for a person to drift nothing needs to be done. Or you still here? I was to go down to Oconnee lake and just get on a tire tube and do nothing in less then a hour I would be half way across the lake.

Beloved most of our family problems, political disagreements, and differences of faith is a act of doing nothing.

The Bible commands husbands to live with an understanding of God’s unique design of their wife (1 Peter 3:7) and to love her as Christ loved the church (Eph 5:25).

The Bible is not a buffet where we chose which items we want to obey. One of the most effective lies of Satan that entraps many saints is to compartmentalize faith. We compromise God’s call upon our life by creating areas or compartments where faith is practiced and compartments where God is omitted. For example;

Bible study is good for Sunday school but not for weekly reading.

Sunday school is good for children but not for adults.

Prayer works before a ball game or big projects but not for daily living.

Faith becomes part of a Sunday family routine, but it doesn’t affect the way you love your spouse, raise your kids, or invest your money.

Compromise is a slippery path to destruction. David failed to realize that when you compromise in one area of life, you would eventually compromise in other areas. Compromise is a cancer that attacks the most precious things in your life.

a final road sign along David’s dead end trip was the lifestyle he adopted. Bible commentaries agree that the time of day was late in the afternoon when David got out of bed for a roof top walk. Why was David sleeping in the middle of the day? Was he sick? Was he depressed? Was he just taking a siesta? We do not know all the reasons why David was sleeping during the day, but the Bible says David stayed at the palace when kings were supposed to be going to battle (2 Sam. 11:1)..

David’s dead end journey was the result of failing to see the warning signs as he drifted away from god. Just as white lie will chip away at our amoral allowing us to make one bad decision at a time until the enemy takes aim with devastating accuracy. Don’t miss the bright yellow signs with flashing lights that say;

Warning: adultery ahead

Warning: don’t compromise the word of god

Warning: self will getting in the way

Warning: no accountability ahead

Warning: you’re drifting

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