Summary: This is a teaching on how things in this world must get bad in order for Christ to return and that how instead of complaining about it we should shout praises to God for we know that he is coming soon!

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Title: Stop trying to hinder the Lords return.

Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:1-14.

Ever since the day of pentecost we have been in the "last days" and we will stay in them until the return of Christ. I believe all to many people seem to think that they can make the world a better place and through doing such please God, but let me tell you the truth: The only way to make the world a better place and to please God is to spread His gospel! all of these things that we have just read must come to pass and happen in order for Christ to return and yet we seem to want to hinder it or try to stop it from happening.

Verses 2-4 gives us a list of sins that is going to be very active in the conclusion of the last days, because yes even though we may be seeing some of these things we don't see them nearly as often as we are going to just before Christ returns, so lets look over those again (Read verses 2-4 and discuss).

All that people have on their minds anymore is "Oh the economy!, oh the congress!, oh the war!, oh the president!, oh my kids!, what are we gonna do?! What are we gonna do?!!! and so on and so on haha!" But what they are forgetting is that all of this must happen in order for us to get out of here!!! the truth is: If you don't like the state of the world in which you are living, the only good you can do for it is to try and work as hard as you can to get people saved cause thats the only way it will get any better. But at the same time it is gonna get worse still because those that refuse to accept Christ will get worse as well as this world.

(Read verses 5-7) Most of the people in the last days will be very religious and spiritual, but they won't have the power of God behind them, because they don't have a true relationship with Jesus as well as the Holy Ghost! thats why we are not to have anything to do with those people as far as fellowship is concerned, but you must pray for them and witness to them and in case you didn't know you can do that without being bosom buddies with them haha!. Now when it talks about them creeping into houses and leading captive silly women it is not talking about just women in general, it is talking about anyone who is not serious about their salvation and walk with God and so they live in sin and are able to be led away with false doctrines. We could also use this as a picture of the church, because the church is always spoken of as a female and so if the churches arn't looking out and staying on their toes satan can easily creep in and take over!.

(Read verses 8-9) As it speaks of Jannes and Jambres we can know that the folly of false teachers as Paul says will always be made manifest.

(Read verses 10-12) Paul states in verse 10-11 that we know what he went through all of the persecutions, sufferings and afflictions and as verse 12 says we shall face them too! but just like God did for Paul He will also see us through them as well!!! Now we come down to the last two verses here that we are gonna deal with and that is verses 13 & 14.

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