Summary: 1. We all go through storms 2 They Had Set Out With Christ 3 His Presence on Board is no Guarantee of Perpetual Calm 4. The Storm Does Not Mean That He Has Left Us. 5. Do Not Lose Faith If He Seems Calmly Indifferent.

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1. We have gone through two storms these last 2 weeks

- Lost of power & have snow because of Sandy – 10/29/12

- Sandy dumped 3’ wet snow

- 270,000 people lost power

- 6 people in WV have died

- John Rose, 60, a Republican candidate killed by falling tree

- It could take at least six months to clear fallen trees in some areas.

- As of Fri. Nov 9 - 12,000 still without power

- 11/6/12 - An election that for many did not turn out right

• Victoria Jackson - The former Saturday Night Live comedienne -"I can't stop crying America died."

• Donald Trump - We can't let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided

- Now we are into big government

- Never before have more people been dependent upon government for having their needs met.

- Today, we have second- and third-generation welfare recipients; unemployment benefits are all that’s keeping our economy afloat

- Social Security is often the sole retirement fund of the elderly; - Americans depend on Medicare for their healthcare…and the list goes on.

Alexander Tytler (1747 - 1813) Scottish lawyer, writer, professor and historrian, from the University of Edinburgh.

The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years.

The Tytler Cycle

• From bondage to spiritual faith

• From spiritual faith to great courage;

• From courage to liberty;

• From liberty to abundance;

• From abundance to complacency;

• From complacency to apathy;

• From apathy to dependence;

• From dependence back into bondage.

- Do you know Jesus?

- I did not say, Do you know about Jesus

- I said do you know him.

- What evidence can you give in your life that you know him?

The Disciple Could Say that They Knew About Him

Mk. 1:16 – He came to them

Mk. 1:23 – They saw demons caste out

Mk. 1:30 – Peter’s mother-in-law healed

Mk. 1:40 – Leaper Healed

Mk. 2:1 – Lame man healed

Mk. 2:19 – Heard Stories Bridegroom

Mk. 2:21 - New Cloth

Mk 2:22 - Wine bottles

Mk. 3:1 – Withered Hand Healed

Mk. 3:14 - He Ordained Them

Mk 4:1, 10, 30 – He taught them

- But did they know Him

- What evidence could they give personally?

- Jn 9:25 – Blind Man – “One thing I know…..”

Now From Knowledge To Experience – Mk.4:35

2 They Had Set Out With Christ.

- PRIVILEGED- He was on board with them

- Here we are sailing on the ocean of life

- Heading for the shores of Eternity.

- Is He on board your frail boat?

- Note "There were other little ships"

- Near Him but not on board. - What became of them in the storm?


- I laughed when I heard 2’ of snow coming

- I prepared anyway

- If the storm is raging be assured He is within hailing distance.

3 His Presence on Board is no Guarantee of Perpetual Calm

Mk 4:38a

1. We might think all would be calm but it was not.

2. Could have been the Devil was trying to get rid of Jesus.

3. There will be storms, remember "He makes the storm calm."

4. The Storm Does Not Mean That He Has Left Us.

Mk 4:38b

1. We should not conclude Christ has left us because the elements roar, and the deep threatens to swallow us up.

2. Therefore, let us trust Him in the darkness.

5. Do Not Lose Faith If He Seems Calmly Indifferent.

Mk. 4:40

- Sometimes Christ seems unconcerned in the trouble of His people, and regardless of their prayers.

Psalm 44:23 (AV)

23 Awake, why sleepest thou, O Lord? arise, cast us not off for ever.

WORSE OFF THAN DISCIPLES. They could see Him, and get hold of Him. We seem sometimes to be forgotten, and we cannot get hold of Him, and He seems a long way off.

BUT HE DOES CARE. One of these who cried: "Carest Thou not,ยป years afterwards wrote: ..He careth for you" (1 Peter 5:7).

Many of His silences we can now explain, and those still unsolved some day will be understood.

There is a story of a Christian Army; Officer at sea with his family in a storm. There was great terror amongst the passengers, but he was calm. His wife, in her consternation, chided him. saying that he ought to be concerned for her and her children, if not for himself. In such danger, He made no reply, but soon came to her with his sword drawn, and with a stern countenance pointed at her heart. She was not the least alarmed. but looked up into his face with a smile, "What," said he, "are you not afraid of a drawn sword at your breast? ,. "No," she replied, "not when I know it is in the hands of one that loves me." "And would you have me," he asked, "to be afraid of this tempest when I know it to be in the hand of my Heavenly Father, who loves me,"

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