Summary: Shows how Jonah gains great wisdom through great adversity.

Full Harvest Fellowship Ministries Daily Devotional

Storms Are To Make You Strong

March 9, 2009

Jonah 1:1-13

The LORD SENT out a great wind on the sea, and there was a mighty tempest on the sea, so that the ship was about to be broken up.

Now that many of us have entered into a phenomenal season of harvest there are a select few that feel that they’re being fought in every area of their life, it is by great experience that gives me a level of maturity in this area, therefore, it is my heart that avails me to share with individuals that are experiencing life outside the norm and to comfort them by letting them know that though they’re in a storm and don’t understand why there is purpose behind this test.

Storms are come to test your 1) faith 2) fruit 3) foundation; moreover, the storms that come to make you strong must make you weak first and if you can survive from the lowest you will find out how strong you really are and what spiritual promotion to expect. Before spiritual promotion you normally have the ability to put in the picture how blessed you are going to be tomorrow by the hell you go through today.

In the text it brings you clarity and shows you that Jonah was not put into a storm because he was innocent but rather for just cause, because of his own willful neglect, therefore, he was chastened for this neglect. Jonah was to do what God had commissioned him to do. It is very important that God’s will is being performed when he speaks, for many of us we go through a period of storms due to our own willful neglect to perform God’s will and are brought low to get our attention it is with reason that we go through these storms; am I saying that all of our storms are due to disobedience; absolutely not, many are to make us strong and to build our character as God moves us from one dimension to another.

Going to a storm, going through a storm, coming out of a storm.

Pastor Gregory Thomas

Rev. Gregory L. Thomas is the Founder and Pastor of Full Harvest fellowship Ministries in Portland, Oregon. To obtain more information about his ministry, please call (971) 533-2800 or visit: Click here to browse and purchase sermons by Rev. Gregory L. Thomas!

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