Summary: As we see the destruction of another hurricane season and other catastrophic events our hearts are sensitized to the great need around the world. Can we find a comparison in the "storms" of our own personal lives?

(This is more of a mini-sermon with "thought" that will need to be fleshed out in your own words. I hope that it is not too muddled for you to follow. May the Lord fill you with grace and peace today! PTL!!)

Please open your Bibles to Matthew 8:18-27 which we will read in a few minutes.

There have been many storms and other catastrophic events taking place around the world, especially in the past few weeks. It kind of makes your head spin to see all of the devastation.

With that in mind let’s go ahead and read: Matthew 8:18-27

Past few weeks – Harvey – Irma – Jose

What is unique about these great storms with modern tech? – Advance warning



What about other natural events?

Sierra-Leone mudslide

Mexican earthquake

Indonesian Tsunami 2004 – 150,000 dead

People going out to pick up fish from the seabed

The Indian Ocean tsunami traveled as much as 3,000 miles to Africa,

arriving with sufficient force to kill people and destroy property.

Mexican earthquake – 65 dead – overshadowed by Irma

No Warning!

What does that mean to us?

Small circle



Sure we prayed for all of the people in Texas

Now we’re praying for all of the people in Florida

What’s always our first question to each other? Do you know anyone there?

What about all of the people in the Caribbean?

Quote from our District Superintendent Rev. Kevin C. Dunlop:

A church building on the island of St. Martin built by a number of Work and Witness teams from places where I previously served as pastor has been destroyed. My friend, Pastor Jean Larevoir, is so discouraged because 75% of the people in the three churches he serves have lost their homes, and he can't get help them. Would you pray for Pastor Larevoir and so many others who have seen life change dramatically in just a few hours as a result of these catastrophic storms?

In each of these situations was anyone there to rescue them; to save them?

This morning as I was walking from the church back to the parsonage I heard a siren going off in the distance.

What storm was going on there in someone's life? Chimney fire? Someone fell down? Someone dead?

The storms are coming. Property loss, health, death of a family member or self?

Sometimes there will be a warning of impending disaster; often there will not.

Disaster is coming.

What will it mean for us if we’re not ready?

We ARE the warning – read from back wall (the great commission)

As unsaved or infant Christian – little circle

As we grow in Christ circle enlarges

As we come to see with the eyes of Christ – the world

Revelation 6:15-17


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