Summary: You want to talk about preaching an unconventional message! Here was same crowd that had just demanded crucifixion of Jesus just weeks before! That did not bother Peter, he understood the bigger picture. Preach the Word Straight and to the point

(I take no credit for original points in this sermon. Sermon has been adapted with my inspiration of flow and point structure as guided by the Holy Spirit)



Straight No Chaser is way of ordering at a bar that tells the bartender you want your drink with nothing added to it. You don’t want anything to water it down. Just give it to you straight. You just want it strong, nothing to dilute it. You want to feel the full effects. You all are looking at me strange, it is something I read about in a magazine. When it comes to the Preached Word, that is how I want to hear it – Straight No Chaser. I am so tired of these:

• Make me feel good sermons

• Living your best life now sermons

• God is about to bless you sermons

• Spin around ten times and run out and touch your mail box sermons

• Life Coach sermons

We are witnessing what appears to be a great return to the local church. The problem is in the area of sticking to it! People are flocking to the ENTERTAINING – HIGH PRODUCTION – HIGH QUALITY BANDS – DYNAMIC WORSHIP LEADERS . Partnered with the delivery of a weak Word! Every month we witness another mega-ministry Pastor or Leader resigning or in the media for questionable lifestyle. We see people in the Church every week flocking to Church but make no Lifestyle changes. Can’t see Christ:

• In their Walk

• In their Talk

• In their Thinking

• In their Love of lack of it

• Walk down isle of Church and make a decision

• Just not quite sure what decision they are making

I want to jump right into the text this morning and examine probably what is considered the second greatest sermon delivered by Peter. Peter did not play around as he delivered this Gospel message. It was what I would consider Straight No Chaser.

• He was telling it like it is

• He preached to the point with love and understanding

• He touched on eternal destiny

• He delivered in a unique fashion

The setting for the sermon itself was rather unique. Most of us would have missed out on the opportunity to deliver the Word because of the audience. Preaching today is too much entertainment and noise.

• If we don’t have the right congregation we don’t want to preach

• We spend too much time preaching for Amen, the Response

• We spend too much time trying to preach in effort to get congregation emotional

• We spend too much time preaching trying to get another invitation somewhere

This event found in our text took place on Solomon’s Porch where a man who was once lame was now walking, dancing, and praising God. Text said he was holding on to Peter and John. People around were amazed and astonished as they watched this man that had been healed at the hands of the Apostles through the name of Jesus. Peter would take the rest of the chapter to preach the Word to the crowd. Can I tell you he knew it was not a Shouting Crowd – not an Amen Crowd – He would Preach harder than the crowd would respond.

So, as the crowd gathers, Peter gets the boldness he needs to seize the opportunity. And he tells the crowd, ‘Don’t stare at us!” He wanted to make sure they understood that they were not the heroes.

• They were not to be put on the pedestal

• They were not to be treated like gods

• Instead, he redirects their gaze

• He is about to give clear testimony about the power source behind this miracle

• And he just doesn’t tell them about Jesus

• No, he is bolder than that

• He tells them what they did to Jesus

The first thing Peter does in his discourse is – CONFRONT THE RELIGIOUS LEADERS WITH THEIR SIN. Can I footnote here and tell you the most difficult people to confront and correct are the Preachers. Preachers, we should be accountable with each other and correct when it is necessary. Look at the text, the congregation did not correct the Religious Leaders, Peter did that. He begins his message by asking them why they were astounded at this miracle?

• Reminded them they had delivered up God’s Son, Jesus

• Reminded them they had denied Jesus, the holy and just One

• Reminded them they desired a murderer (Barabbas) instead of innocent Jesus to be freed

• And finally, Reminded them that they had killed Jesus

You want to talk about preaching an unconventional message! Here was the same crowd that had just demanded the crucifixion of Jesus just weeks before!

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