Summary: Failing to make time for God during strange times might cause us to miss His blessings and instead find frustration instead.

As we see the birth of Jesus, we see Mary’s immediate assistance coming from her faithful husband and unfailing God in the time of her distress. They had to make time for God; God had made this a unique time for them. We too might miss God’s help if we’re too busy with the details of life to see His hand every day.

We must make time for God.

I. Discover Jesus’ Nearness (8-20)

A. God’s presence is supposed to comfort us (8-10a)

B. God comes to “save” us so we may “savor” life (11)

C. Peace follows lives resting in Him (12-14)

D. Wonder accompanies finding Him (15-20)

II. Discover Jesus’ Joy (v. 11’s “Christ the Lord)

A. Jesus came to stand as our deliverer (Savior)

-The only use of "Savior" in Matthew, Mark, and Luke is here

B.Jesus is God’s chosen one for us (Christ/Lord)

1. The real meaning of Christmas

2. God is understood by seeing Christ (John 1:18)

3. Jesus calls us to follow Him to God (Matthew 2:6)

How busy have we become?

We’re usually just too busy with trivial things, caring for the things God’s given us, to stop and pay attention to Him.

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