Summary: A Message That Shows The Mishandeling of Our Blessings because of our Crippled State.

Stretch Forth Thy Withered Hand

Luke 6: 8, 10


In these passages of scripture you find a man with a withered right hand who’s in the synagogue sitting down. It is very common for these people with needs to sit at the gate and beg for alms (Money).

A man could be put to death for violating the sabbath.

Now it happened on another Sabbath - Suggests that there were other instances where Jesus had entered the enemies territory supposed to be known as a house of prayer.

Jesus made these assertions not to break the laws of man but to show forth the world that there is more to doing God’s Will than keeping a bunch of rules that are in the suggestive acts of man’s obedience. Rules in no way represent the will of God and are furthermore non-essential matters that have no power to bring damnation or glory.

While we do Holiness we fail to realize that Holiness is a call and not something you do but rather something you are called to.

Holiness is not abstaining from sin.

Holiness is to be:

1) Separated

2) consecrated

3) Devoted

4) Dedicated

5) Belonging

Right Hand symbolizes strength and blessing.

Left hand is the weak side and symbolizes deception and treachery

The difference between defeat and victory is whether you’re In the presence of the Lord.

The only way to victory is to be in the presence of God. Who here is wrapped in flesh sent amongst men to show forth the world the dos and don’ts of the kingdom.

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