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Summary: This short sermon give us a look into one verse and and what we can Learn from it. In how we work together and find strengh in it

Striving Together

Phil. 1:27

Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ: that whether I come and see you, or else be absent, I may hear of your affairs, that ye stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel;

In this one verse we have a formula for success in the work of Christ.

Notice the four things that are essential for US here at the church to bring about our vision.


#1 A practice that is distinct Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel?

We need to practice what we profess

We need to behave worthy of what we believe.

Your life is your message.


Did the Gospel save you? LIVE LIKE IT.

Did the Gospel give you a home in heaven? LIVE LIKE IT.

Did the Gospel bring you forgiveness? BE FORGIVING.

Will the Gospel save others from hell? GO AND TELL IT!

#2 A partnership that is definite that ye stand fast in ONE spirit, with ON E mind striving TOGETHER steadfast

We must STAND TOGETHER! There must be cooperation if we are to accomplish anything for God.

Let’s consider the power of unity!

Shortly after Herman Ostry bought a piece of property in Bruno, Nebraska, a nearby creek flooded his new barn with 29 inches of water. Herman’s son Mike started thinking about the problem. Mike counted the number of boards, timbers, and nails, estimating the barn’s weight at 19,000 pounds. Mike figured that 344 people would have to lift only 55 pounds each to carry the barn to higher ground.

On June 30, 1988 Mike ingeniously designed a grid of steel tubing to serve as the barn "handles". Herman counted "one, two, three, lift!" The barn rose up off the ground like it weighed nothing at all. The 344 townspeople carried the 9-ton barn 50 yards up a hill in just 3 minutes!


I once a new a man that a car fell on him while he was working on it with only his brother with him he tried to pick the car up so his brother could get out But he just couldn’t move it, He saw his Nebr. in the yard and called in a rush and ask him to come and help and when he got there, Together on 1 2 3 at the same time they move the car Anton to get his brother free.

There is Power in unity when 2 or more are pulling in the same way. AMEN.



Consider these thoughts.

#1 Looking at the problem with a new perspective;

#2 Defining resource requirements;

#3 Defining a simple common goal;

#4 Spreading the workload evenly; and,

#5. Focusing everyone in one direction.

#3 A persistence that is determined STRIVING together

We need to STAND together, and STRIVE together. There must be effort and energy expended if we are to succeed.

The word “Strive" is an athletic term that describes a team. A football team consists of 11 men on the field.

It is not 11 men doing their own thing.

But 11 men working together as a team.

One man may possess the ball, but he can’t win the game alone.

He needs the other 10 men to block, run, catch, kick, or pass.

As Christians we should be a team and not a one-man show.

#4 A purpose that is dominant for the faith of the gospel

A. The message of the gospel should dominate all we do.

B. The gospel is what we unite around. It is our common goal.

C. We’ll never score if we don’t move the ball down the field across the goal line.

The ball is the sinner,

The field is the world, and

The goal line is the Gospel.

The opposition is Satan who seeks to stop us from moving the ball to the goal.


Are you ready and willing to strive together to our vision, To work together in everything we have to do?


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