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The Fifth Trumpet Sounds

The Pit Is Opened Rev. 9: 1-11

The Sixth Trumpet Sounds

More Hell Breaks Loose Rev. 9: 12-21

Remember the eagle that flew through Heaven, shouting “Woe, Woe, Woe.” Well the woes have begun, as the fifth trumpet sounds. Also remember that we said that from here things will get much worse.

I believe that God is going to unleash just a small portion of hell on the earth. I think that He is going to give those who refuse to turn to Him just a small glimpse of what eternity holds for them. He does this in order to turn them from hell and to Himself.

Let’s get started!!

v.1 John saw something fall out of heaven:

When the 5th trumpet sounded John said that a star fell from heaven. If we look closely at the verse we see that this was,

Actually a star It was just a symbol of something/someone Because of the use of the pronoun “him” we can understand that the star is a person.

So who is this (s)tar? Notice the lower case (s). Could this star be Jesus? Could the star be satan?

The star came from heaven. The star got to earth by  Space shuttle Long black train falling.

Who do we know fell from heaven?______________. Scripture: Lk. 10: 18 * IS. 14: 12-15

The fall here is in the past tense, meaning that this star has already fallen.

Another reason we can know that this is not Jesus is that the fallen star is given the keys to the bottomless pit.

Right now Jesus holds those keys in His hand, so no one has to give Him keys that He already has.

v.2 The bottomless pit:

What is the bottomless pit? It is the place where evil spirits and demons are being kept until the end of the world.

It is my belief that these are the ones that God locked away, long ago. These are the most horrific demons in satan’s army.

Their final destination is the lake of fire or Gehenna. This is the place where all those who reject God’s offer, through Jesus, of eternal life, will end up.

What happens when the fallen angel opens the pit? Smoke rises up from the pit.

This smoke is so thick that it literally blocks the sun. It is a heavy smoke like that which rises from a furnace.

Some say that it is actually volcanic ash, while other say it is the smoke from hell. Where ever it comes from, I can’t imagine trying to breath air filled with that kind of smoke. But we must understand that the smoke is not the real issue here, but what comes out of the smoke.

vs.3-6 Look at what come out of the smoke!!

We see a very unusual creature rise out from the smoke of the abyss. They are simply called locust in verse 3 but they are not just any locust. We know that locust are a symbol of God’s anger against the ungodly of this world but there are five things that show us these aren’t your average locust. I believe these are the baddest of the bad, hell has to offer. These demons have been locked away for a looooooooong time. Imagine if we were to release the worst of the worst from our prisons today. Set them free to do what ever they wanted. This still can not compare to what is about to happen.

1. These demonic locust have tails like:

A possum, so they can hang in the trees cheetahs for supreme balance in the turns Scorpions

A scorpion has a stinger in its tail that carries poison. Most stings from a scorpion are not fatal to humans but are very painful.

Some believe that these scorpion like creature are the result of scientific experiments of man gone bad. I believe that these are demonic creatures and not some mutated experiment. This judgment is from God and not something man has brought on himself. We may suffer the consequences from our playing God but this judgment is directly from God.

2. The demonic locust will not harm nature. This is another good point that these are not normal locust.

What do locust eat? Left over’s Chicken legs vegetation.

These demonic locust are told not to harm the grass of the earth nor any green thing.

3. These demonic locust are told to afflict ALL of the people of the earth.True False

They are only to afflict those

Who are too short or too tall The very old or very young

those who do not have the seal of God on their forehead.

Once again we see that God will protect those who belong to Him.

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