Summary: Study of Revelation, using "The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible" as a guide. Some of the check boxes and underlined blanks may be missing


The Attack Through The Second Beast: A False Prophet

Revelation 13: 11-18

There is, in every human a desire to be committed to something. Every person has something that motivates them, something that interests them. There is something in every person’s life that they love to talk about. It could be a job, family, school, girlfriend/boyfriend, car etc.

The point is that man has to have something to which he can devote himself to and give his loyalty.

This becomes a problem, when you think about having a world government.

There are approximately 7,000 different languages spoken in the world today. And these are just the ones we know about.

The question is; how do you get everyone on earth to be loyal to one government?

What do you do about those who have never known anything other than tribal law?

This is the problem the antichrist and his government will be facing in the end time.

The thing to remember is the chaotic mess in the end time that will sweep across the entire planet. There will be natural disasters such as, earthquakes, the violent storms, famine sweeping across the land like never before. Add to this the fact that every nation will be dealing with wars or rumors of coming war. There will be violent overthrowing of governments and terrorist actions and the world become more and more evil.

People will be desperate for answers, for someone who can make sense of it all and lead them out of the mess they have found themselves in.

There will be such a man in the end who will seem to be the one. The antichrist will be the one who rises up to lead the people and give them hope BUT he will not be alone.

The antichrist will get help from the second beast, who will be responsible for unifying the people.

The second beast will understand the spirit of man and that man needs or desire something to be devoted to.

The second beast will be the worldwide spokesman for the antichrist. He will be the false prophet.

V. 11: The origin and description of the second beast.

1. According to this verse the second beast comes from Washington outer space out of the earth.

This doesn’t mean that he will rise up from the depths of the earth. It means that he will rise up from the common people of the earth. He will rise up out of the masses and he will hold a high office in world government.

The second beast will be the second most powerful person in the world. He will answer only to the antichrist.

2. The second beast has 2 horns like a  raging bull mountain goat gentle little lamb.

Do you know anyone who is afraid of a little lamb?

There is nothing about the second beast that seems wild or evil. The lamb symbolizes three things.

a. The second beast will appear innocent and harmless. This will cause many to be attracted to him, since nothing in his appearance will be frightening.

b. The second beast will appear to be a follower of God. He will be a religious leader. People will believe that he can do no wrong.


c. The second beast will speak as a dragon. His voice will betray him. What he says will reveal his true identity as a false prophet instead of a prophet of God.

1. He will not be teaching God’s word but the word of the antichrist and the state.

2. He will not be speaking truth but lies.

3. He will not be promoting Jesus but will be promoting the policies of the antichrist.

The second beast will be the one who motivates the people of the earth to give their allegiance to the antichrist.

He will be the one who comes up with the plan that will unify the world

It is believed that the second beast will be a religious leader, since he is called a false prophet.

Scripture: Rev. 16: 13 * 19: 20 * 20: 10

Remember that he will be the second in command. He will hold a position, much like our vice president. He will be given his place of authority by the antichrist: he will have a religious background. He is a prophet, a priest, or a minister who professes to one thing when he is really a follower of the antichrist.

Scripture: Ro. 16: 18 * 2Cor. 11: 13-15 * 2Tim. 3: 1-2, 5, 13 * 2Jn. 7

v. 12 The objective of the second beast or as we will call him “false prophet.”

What is this guy up to? He will be busy securing the devotion of the world to the antichrist and his government. Let’s look at a couple of things.

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