Summary: Study of Revelation, using "the Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible" as a guide. Includes work sheet for participants. boxes & underlined blanks may be missing

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Study in Revelation #4

In these verses we can see the first vision given to John by Christ. It is a vision of Christ Himself, in His glory. He wanted John to know without doubt who it was that was speaking to him. He wanted John to reveal the truth to all believers and possibly nonbelievers as well. To make sure that there would be no doubt as to who was speaking, Christ gave John a good look at all His glory.

Verses 9-10 give us the setting for the vision. The island of Patmos. Here John says three things.

1. He calls himself a Brother and Companion:

The word “Brother” here means that he is a fellow believer. All those who believe in Jesus Christ and have received Him into their lives have been adopted in to the family of God, and have become brothers and sisters in Christ.

By companion, John is saying that he has lived among the believers. He walked with them, he was with them during:

a. Daily tribulations** trials ** the persecutions that they faced.

b. With them in looking for the Kingdom of God, seeking after it.

c. Persevering with them through the trials and temptations.

1. In verse 9 John calls himself “your brother and companion.”

This means that John was writing this letter to those who had been traveling with him.

true false To all believers

*The word “brother” as it is used here means “Fellow _______________”

*The word companion means that John was with those “fellow believers” during the persecutions that they faced.

*He was with them as they _________ for the kingdom of _______.

*He persevered with them through the tr_____s and the tem_______ns that they faced.

2. John said he was on the island of Patmos when he received this vision:

We have already discussed what Patmos was like, let’s see if we can verify the fact that John really was there. (Speculation that man never landed on the moon)

William Barclay gives abundant evidence to the fact that John was on the isle of Patmos.

“It was the unanimous tradition of the early church that John was banished to the Isle of Patmos during the reign of Domitian.”

“Tertullian says: The apostle John was banished to the island (On the Prescription of Heretics, 36)

“Origen says: The Roman Emperor, as tradition tells us, condemned John to the island for witnessing to the word of truth” (Homilies on Matthew)

Clement of Alexandria tells us: “On the death of the tyrant, John returned to Ephesus from the Isle of Patmos” (The Rich Man’s Salvation, 42)

Jerome tells us that John was banished on the 14th year of Nero and liberated on the death of Domitian (Concerning Illustrious Men, 9)

This would put John’s banishment at about AD 90 and his release around AD 96

Something to think about: Even in the darkest hours of human need, God is there. Was John a special case? Let’s look at some others in scripture to prove that God will always be there.

*In exile, Jacob saw God at Bethel *Gen. 35: 6f)

*It was during his exile that Moses saw God in the burning bush on mount Horeb. *Ex. 3: 1f

*Elijah heard a still small voice while in exile also at mount Horeb. 1Kings 19: 3f

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