Summary: 7 part study in revelation 14 using "The preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible, along other resources. the hand out may be missing underlined blanks and check boxes.


The victory of the Lamb is assured

Part I: The 144,000 stand with Jesus

Rev. 14: 1-5

Chapter 14 deals with the assurance that the Lamb of God will be victorious in the end. John is given a seven part vision that assures him of this fact.

We have just seen some of the most horrific scenes anyone can ever imagine and John has witnessed these, first hand. By now I’m sure he could use a break and so could we.

Chapter 14 is the intermission that both John and we need, in order to be able go on with this study.

V. 1: The redeemed will be with Jesus or the Lamb.

Here is another one of those mind pictures we set up when we read the book of Revelation.

John looks up and sees a Lamb standing. When some read this they actually see a little lamb standing there.

Who does the Lamb represent? I like the title “The Lion of Judah became Calvary’s Lamb.” The Lamb is Jesus Christ, the one who died to take away the sins of the world.

Where is He standing? Mount Sion. This is another name for Jerusalem.

Sion has always been used to refer to Heaven. Here Mount Sion is used to refer to the heavenly city of God.

Who is standing with Jesus? 144,000 People from USA The total # of those who are saved Jewish believers.

Let’s look back at our study from chapter 7

Who are these 144,000?

I don’t understand the confusion over who they are, but look at what others say.

Jehovah’s Witnesses distinctly believe that only 144,000 people will be raised to heaven, and will thus spend eternity with God. They do not believe that this number necessarily comes from descendants of Jacob, but from early Christians, and those of Jehovah’s Witnesses who profess to be "anointed" (or "spiritual Israel").[4] Witnesses believe that the 144,000 have been selected by God from the time of Jesus’ apostles through to today. They believe that the 144,000 (those having a "heavenly hope") will reign with Christ in heaven, while all other people accepted by God will live forever on a paradise earth (an "earthly hope").

Traditional Christian teaching Corresponding Jehovah’s Witnesses teaching[5]

1) 12,000 and 144,000 are symbolic numbers representing all of God’s people; or 2) Literally 144,000 people (12,000 from each tribe) will be chosen from the tribes of Israel. 12,000 is symbolic of balance.[6] 144,000 is seen as literal.[7] It refers to "spiritual Israel," not the physical nation. [8] (i.e. the "anointed" ).[9]

All Christians are born again and will thus spend eternity with God. Only 144,000 believers are born again. They will be raised up and spend eternity in heaven with God. [10]

One cannot see God’s Kingdom or enter into it without being born again. Only the 144,000 can enter the heavenly kingdom. Those with an "earthly hope" will live on a paradise earth. [11]

Approximately 9,105 of the 144,000 anointed ones are alive on Earth today, according to the latest figures posted on the official Jehovah’s Witnesses website [12]. However, they believe that Jesus is Shepherd and Savior over both those with the "heavenly hope" (the 144,000) and those with the "earthly hope" (to live on a paradise earth).[13]


The Christian Skoptzy sect in Russia believe that the Messiah would come when the Skoptsi numbered 144,000, and all their efforts were directed to reaching this total.

New Age movements

The number 144,000 is also significant in various New Age religious movements.

The Church Universal and Triumphant teaches that Sanat Kummara and the Lords of the Flame also brought 144,000 souls with them from Venus.

The new age religion called Raëlism also states that there are 144,000 chosen people to continue humanity in case of an upcoming disaster.[14]


1^ See "Numbers in the Book of Revelation" as an example of this view.

2^ "144,000 sealed in Apocalypse [Revelation] 7:4ff; 14:1 ff: This is [[12 (number)|]], the number of the tribes of Israel, multiplied by itself and then multiplied by [[1000 (number)|]], the number of a military unit in the ancient Israelite army. The number indicates the fullness of Israel; the Church in the New Testament is conceived as the fullness of Israel, and this is the heavenly Church in its final completion."--Dictionary of the Bible, John L. McKenzie, S.J., p. 621.

3^ "The earth-dwellers will stand in rebellion against God, but the 144,000 as slaves of God will faithfully proclaim the gospel." Robert L Thomas, "One Hundred Forty-Four Thousand: Who Are They?", Ankerberg Theological Research Institute

4^ What does the Bible Really Teach?, ch. 8, p. 79

5^ For the full table of doctrinal differences or comparisons, please see Controversies regarding Jehovah’s Witnesses#Doctrinal differences

6^ "Since natural Israel consisted of 12 tribes, it logically follows that spiritual Israel would be spoken of as having 12 tribes to show that it was a complete spiritual nation, with no part or tribe missing. There is no numerical imbalance within spiritual Israel, for the Bible book of Revelation symbolically reveals that an equal number--12,000--is sealed from every tribe. (Rev. 7:4-8) Commentary on the Letter of James, Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (1979), pp. 12,13.

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