Summary: Success! It is something that everyone would want, but what really is success? Can you be successful at something without really having “success”? What is real success and how can we experience real success both in life and eternity?

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Success in life and eternity

Living successfully means living as a Servant

Living successfully means living by the Spirit

Living successfully requires knowing God’s Word

Living successfully means being Like Jesus

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If you asked someone if they wanted to be successful, I am sure the answer would be yes.

But what really is success?


The definition of success is

the accomplishment of an aim or purpose;

the attainment of popularity or profit.

Under that definition I would argue that you can be successful by definition, without finding real success.

For instance, if your purpose is to make a lot of money, which I think many people equate with success, you can achieve that and be “successful” at it, but while you have accomplished that, I would argue that many do not feel successful.

Listen to what Ted Turner, the founder of CNN and TBN, and who is one of the wealthiest men in the world with a net worth of about $2.2 Billion, said about success in an interview with Barbara Walters.


“Well, I think it’s kind of an empty bag, to tell you the truth. To a large degree it is. But you have to get there to really know that. I mean, money doesn’t buy happiness and neither does honor or position and awards or trophies.”

Purposeful Prosperity by w. Bradford Swift, Session 2, pg. 2 accessed on 2/26/2015 at

Our society leads us down the path of an empty success. Unfortunately for many, it is only when you get there that you realize it is a dead end, and not really the success you hoped for.


Well, if it is not found in those things, where can we find this elusive thing called success?

And how can we live a life of Success?


Today we are jumping back into our series called Acts – The church unleashed and I want to take a look at a person today whom, you may not think of when you think of the word success, but I think the problem is not so much in this person not being successful, but in how success is defined in our minds.

That is the thing we need to begin with.

Success is elusive because we believe it to be one thing but have to change our definition when we attain that thing and discover that that is not what we desire.

However, if we define success correctly, then, I believe, we can not only be successful right now, but throughout time and eternity as well.

So what is the definition of success that leads to success in life and eternity?

Success is found in fulfilling your purpose.

When we have defined success correctly, it allows all of us to experience our own success. Because while each of our ultimate purposes are the same – to Glorify God – we do that differently because God has created us differently and given us different gifts to use.

Once we have defined success correctly, we can begin to pursue real success that lasts for life and eternity as we live our life for the glory of God.

So let’s see what successful living looks like so that our success doesn’t end in life but extends to eternity.

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